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astral - Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease

  •    PHP

Begin by cloning this repository to your machine, and installing all Composer & NPM dependencies.

Easy Mp3 Organizer


Organize your MP3 collection in a folder structure and files names as you wish.

Uwazi - Web-based, open-source solution for building and sharing document collections

  •    Javascript

There are important stories within your documents. Uwazi helps you tell them. Uwazi is a free, open-source solution for organising, analysing and publishing your documents. Uwazi is configured to run correctly with its default values. There is no need to change or reconfigure these values.

dataplex - binary stream multiplex router

  •    Javascript

Use this module to organize a collection of streaming interfaces multiplexed over a single bidirectional stream such as a web socket or a tcp connection.This example showed a client and server, but the protocol is fully symmetric so either side can define and consume streams from the other end.

node-musicnamer - Organize your music collection

  •    Javascript

Invocation of musicnamer is simple: just run the program with files as arguments and it will do its thing on them. NOTE: musicnamer renames files relative to your current directory.

finepack - Organizes and maintains readable your JSON files.

  •    CoffeeScript

Organizes and maintains your JSON files readable. You can use Finepack as a CLI tool or from NodeJS as a library. Based on fixpack but with a little more ♥.

layout - Organize and layout items based on various algorithms

  •    Javascript

Items can be added via addItem which are required to have a height and width. Any additional info should be stored inside of meta. export is how you take your items and organize them.

deco - You're Node.js code will never have been as organized, reusable, and pluggable.

  •    Javascript

Composable decorators for ES6. You're Node.js code will never have been as organized, reusable, and pluggable. The main functionality is provided by the Deco() function. It is used to compose decorators.

IssueBot - Automate Issue replies and organization

  •    Javascript

Your personal assistant for automatically organizing and replying to Issues. If you are not already signed into GitHub you will see the following form.

sorter - Sorter is a webapp to organize ideas, tasks and information using bullet points and hashtags

  •    Javascript

Sorter is a webapp to organize ideas, tasks and information using bullet points and hashtags. If you write & anywhere in the filter it will perform an AND filter: ex: & #task $todo it will search notes that have both hashtags. in other case it will perform and OR filter. ex: #task $todo it will search notes that have any of the hashtags.

organize-cli - 📋 Organize your files, imagine cleaning up your downloads in an instant

  •    Javascript

This will setup a symbolic link to the CLI. Any changes in source files will now be reflected when running the organize command. 🌟 this repo to show support. You can also tweet about this project by clicking here.

macOrganizer - A macOS app for organizing folders

  •    Swift

macOrganizer is an OS X application that helps you organize your files or remove unnecessary files. Tip: Removing unnecessary files deletes the duplicate and archive files but it doesn't delete them permanently. It moves the files to trash where they can be reviewed by you.

vscode-separators - Separators Extension for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

Separators is an open source extension created for Visual Studio Code. While being free and open source, if you find it useful, please consider supporting it. It improves the readability of your source code, by drawing lines on top of each symbol.

adri - Organize photos by date and location in a directory structure

  •    Ruby

adri organizes JPEG/TIFF photographs according to their EXIF date and location data into a custom directory structure. adri converts the GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) recorded in a photograph's EXIF headers to a location name using the Google Maps API.