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Projeny - A project and package manager for Unity

  •    CSharp

The purpose of Projeny is to allow your Unity3D project to easily scale in size without heavily impacting development time. See below for details on how Projeny achieves all these features.

django-organizations - :couple: Multi-user accounts for Django projects

  •    Python

Separate individual user identity from accounts and subscriptions. Django Organizations adds user-managed, multi-user groups to your Django project. Use Django Organizations whether your site needs organizations that function like social groups or multi-user account objects to provide account and subscription functionality beyond the individual user. By default you will need to install django-extensions or comparable libraries if you plan on adding Django Organizations as an installed app to your Django project. See below on configuring.

karrot-frontend - Karrot is a free and open-source tool for grassroots initiatives and groups of people that want to coordinate face-to-face activities on a local, autonomous and voluntary basis

  •    Javascript

Karrot is a free and open-source tool for grassroots initiatives and groups of people that want to coordinate face-to-face activities on a local, autonomous and voluntary basis. It is designed in ways to enable community-building and support a more transparent, democratic and participatory governance of your group.

Exchange Reports


Exchange Reports with its built-in reports gives you overall information about your Exchange Environment.

Easy Mp3 Organizer


Organize your MP3 collection in a folder structure and files names as you wish.

Employee Management System


This is an Employee Management System. the goal here is to offer a software that caters to small to mid sized businesses for free. This program allows you full management over you employees, Edit/Add employees and positions, terminate/transfer / search duplicates and much more

Gorganizer - Organize your folders into a beautiful classified folder structure with this perfect tool

  •    Go

Gorganizer is a Go program inspired by Bhrigu Srivastava Classifier Project. The Gorganizer's goal is to be a perfect tool providing a stupidly easy-to-use and fast program to organize your files based on its extension.

opensource-portal - Microsoft's self-service GitHub management and onboarding portal

  •    Javascript

This Node.js application is a part of the suite of services provided by the Open Source Programs Office at Microsoft to enable large-scale GitHub management experiences.Before providing GitHub management functionality to all of Microsoft, this application started within Azure.

deck - 🍱 Kanban-style project & personal management tool for Nextcloud, similar to Trello

  •    PHP

Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.This app is supposed to work on Nextcloud version 11 or later.

add-to-org - A simple Oauth App to automatically add users to an organization

  •    Ruby

Once set up, simply swap out your app's domain for any GitHub URL. E.g., github.com/government/best-practices/issues/1 becomes government-community.githubapp.com/government/best-practices/1. The user will be authenticated, added to the organization, and redirected to the requested GitHub URL. Pro-tip: for a quickstart on how to set up the app, see the add-to-org demo app.

gulp-cozy - Manage your gulp tasks in a cozier way

  •    Javascript

Manage your gulp tasks in a cozier way. Ever found yourself digging into a gigantic monstrous Gulpfile with hundreds of functions and tasks scattered all around? Well I did and I can tell you it's not a great feeling...

sitincator - Simplificator's meeting room display system

  •    Javascript

Sitincator is Simplificator's meeting room display system. It consists of a React/Electron app running on a Raspberry Pi 3, which is connected to a touch screen display. The system shows the current occupancy of the meeting room on the display, all meetings of the current day and allows to make a reservation for 15 or 30 minutes. Sitincator reads the meeting information from Google Calendar (once every minute).

salt - State And Logic Traversal, for today's infinite-application

  •    Javascript

State And Logic Traversal, for today's infinite-application. Salt is a state-based JavaScript library that offers unparalleled code organization and unprecedented flow control. No matter how you write code, the event loop sees it as a sequence of functions, invoked over time. Salt provides a simple pattern to describe those sequences, along with an API to control timing. The result is an async-agnostic flow of your functionality, in code, bridging the gap between specification and implementation.


  •    Javascript

A JavaScript library for fetching and rendering in HTML the members of a GitHub organization. Click here for a demo, where we fetch the public members of the jillix and GitHub organizations.

scif - scientific filesystem: a filesystem organization for scientific software and metadata

  •    Python

This module will provide tools for generating and interacting with scientific filesystems, optimized for use on a host or inside a container. This code is licensed under the Affero GPL, version 3.0 or later LICENSE.

dependency-hunter - Find node.js dependencies in github repositories

  •    Javascript

Find module dependencies in github repositories. It's a good tool to use if you need to update/deprecate a module and want to find out who uses it first. Great for a large organization.

sensible-github-labels - Github labels for teams that like workflows and structure

  •    Javascript

I decided to trial these labels on the repo that's responsible for the JSON-Schema website, json-schema.org. While they mostly make sense, I quickly found that some labels are a little open to interpretation. The article outlines the reasoning why these new labels are better than the labels Github provides, however it doesn't include any explanation for each label, which is fine given the intention, and leaves teams to work out their own interpretations that suite their needs. If you're looking for some definitions, and maybe some examples, then hopefully my outline will give you a basis to work on. Feel free to take these and amend them as you wish.

MVP - The First Prototype of CharityDAO: An Open Source Platform for Effective Charitable Giving

  •    Javascript

This is the repository for the first prototype of CharityDAO (name to be changed): An Open Source Platform for Effective Charitable Giving. We hope to cooperate, collaborate and integrate with projects that can add value to Charity development whenever possible. WeiFund, Benefactory, Colony, Boardroom, WingsDAO, MakerDAO, and Status.im all are very interesting and have potential to help us improve the Charity Dapp.

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