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org-brain - Org-mode wiki + concept-mapping

  •    Emacs

org-brain implements a variant of concept mapping in Emacs, using org-mode. It is heavily inspired by a piece of software called The Brain, and you can view an introduction to that program here. They also provide a blog with great ideas of how you can think when organizing your Brain. You can think of org-brain as a combination of a wiki and a mind map, where each wiki page / mind map node is an org-mode file which resides in your org-brain-path, or a headline with an ID property in one of those files. These are called entries. Entries can be linked together, and you can then view the network of links as a mind map, using M-x org-brain-visualize.

emacs-document - translate emacs documents to Chinese for convenient reference

  •    Shell

translate emacs documents to Chinese for convenient reference

ox-jira.el - Org-mode export backend for JIRA markup

  •    Emacs

This module plugs into the regular Org Export Engine and transforms Org files to JIRA markup for pasting into JIRA tickets & comments. My last three jobs I’ve had to use JIRA, and had to deal with its (to me) incredibly unintuitive markup format. Having discovered—and fallen in love with—Org mode I now find myself writing everything in Org and exporting to various other formats (html, markdown, plain text) but I haven’t been able to find a way to export to JIRA. So I am attempting to write one, and learn about Emacs package development at the same time.

coldnew-emacs - coldnew's emacs config

  •    Emacs

This is my emacs configuration, which is based on top of Spacemacs. You may find I already have another emacs configuration in here, the main difference between this configuration and coldnew-emacs is that this config is fully depends on Spacemacs, which means I’ll reuse most settings provided by spacemacs.

COSCUP2013_org-mode - My COSCUP 2013 topic: "Org-Mode: Emacs' Swiss Army Knife" resource and slide

  •    CSS

All examples are locate at examples folder. Use this link to view the slide.

org-hexo - [DEPRECATE] Convert your org-mode blog to hexo markdown file

  •    Emacs

I am porting this to my fork of coldnew/hexo-renderer-org, which now can use emacs to htmlize the code block. Since coldnew/hexo-renderer-org is more easy to use instead of org-hexo, I’ll working on my fork instead of mantain this project.

emacs.d - My personal emacs setup.

  •    Emacs

Inspired by Sacha Chua, I have moved my Emacs configuration into an organized and descriptive org-mode file. What you are reading now is, in fact, my Emacs configuration file. Well, sort of.

org-projectile - Manage org-mode TODOs for your projectile projects

  •    Emacs

org-projectile provides functions for the creation of org-mode TODOs that are associated with projectile projects. org-projectile was recently refactored aggresively, and as a result, its interface has changed in ways that are backwards incompatible. I have also moved all helm integration into its own package, org-projectile-helm. I apologize for any inconvenience.

org-mru-clock - ⏲️ Effortlessly clock in/out of org-mode tasks, with completion and persistent history

  •    Emacs

The function org-mru-clock-in from this package will pre-fill your clock history with clocks from your agenda files (and other open org files) so you can clock in to your most recent clocks regardless of whether you just started Emacs or have had it running for decades. Tasks are sorted by recency, and uses completing-read for quick selection. This makes it a nice replacement for org-clock-in-last. It uses completing-read-function (overridable with org-mru-clock-completing-read) on org-mru-clock-in to make clocking in faster. If you set that to ivy-completing-read, you can hit M-o g to visit to the task heading instead of clocking in.

org-rich-yank - 📋 Rich text clipboard for org-mode: Paste into a #+BEGIN_SRC block of correct mode, with link to where it came from

  •    Emacs

Do you often yank source code into your org files, manually surrounding it in #+BEGIN_SRC blocks? This package will give you a new way of pasting that automatically surrounds the snippet in blocks, marked with the major mode of where the code came from, and adds a link to the source file after the block. If you use MELPA, you can just do M-x list-packages, find org-rich-yank in the list and hit i x.

org-table-sticky-header - Sticky header for org-mode tables

  •    Emacs

A minor mode to show the sticky header for org-mode tables. Similar to semantic-stickyfunc-mode, this package uses the header line to show the table header when it is out of sight.

org-web - Org mode on the web, built with React, optimized for mobile, synced with Dropbox

  •    Javascript

org-web lets you directly edit your org files online. It syncs with Dropbox and is optimized for mobile use. It was born out of my desire to be able to easily view and edit my org files from my phone. You can see it in action here.

org-toggl-py - Create Toggl entries from Emacs org-mode CLOCK entries

  •    Python

Create Toggl time tracking entries from Emacs org-mode CLOCK entries, by assigning TOGGL_PID and TOGGL_TID properties to your org headings. See below for how to use the org-toggl.sh script. The command runs Emacs from the CLI and exports your org data as a JSON file to $original_path.org.json. It then processes the JSON in Python and uploads the relevant data to the Toggl API. I've implemented it like this beacuse it's easy to develop and automate / run as a cron job.

org-cliplink - Insert org-mode links from clipboard

  •    Emacs

A simple command that takes a URL from the clipboard and inserts an org-mode link with a title of a page found by the URL into the current buffer. This code was a part of my Emacs config almost a year. I decided to publish it as a separate package in case someone needs this feature too.

bog - Extensions for research notes in Org mode

  •    Emacs

Bog is a system for taking research notes in Org mode. It adds a few research-specific features, nearly all of which are focused on managing and taking notes with Org, not on writing research articles with Org. Bog is available on MELPA.

ob-async - Asynchronous src_block execution for org-babel

  •    Emacs

ob-async isn't tied to src blocks in a specific org-babel language. Simply add the keyword :async to the header-args of any org-babel src block and invoke ob-async-org-babel-execute-src-block. ob-async is available in MELPA. If you'd rather install from source, make sure ob-async.el is on your load-path, like this.

zshorg - org-mode literate programming zsh config

  •    Makefile

This is my zsh configuration as org-mode document, based off of my previous oh-my-zsh setup. So the setup presented here is at the moment almost completly owed to the crazy and wonderful croud assambled there. And to Sven Guckes and Julius Plenz – their book “zsh - Die magische Shell” is a helpful resource in setting up zsh. Not everything is explained in prose yet, but I’ll get there, for my own good.

org-ql - An Org query language, and experimental code for a next-generation Org Agenda

  •    Emacs

More examples are available in examples.org. This package is used by org-sidebar, which presents a customizable agenda-like view in a sidebar window.