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xtend - extend like a boss

  •    Javascript

xtend is a basic utility library which allows you to extend an object by appending all of the properties from each object in a list. When there are identical properties, the right-most property takes precedence.

level-option-wrap - wrap `opts.{{g,l}{t,e,te},start,end}` arguments with functions

  •    Javascript

With this package you can expose familiar db.createReadStream() options like from leveldb but without leaking information about your internal key representations.For example, suppose you have a list of users using a bytewise keyEncoding and you want to let api consumers constrain the output. If you pass through opts.gt/opts.lt arguments directly, you must communicate to api consumers the internal structure of your keys, which breaks encapsulation.

resolve-options - Resolve an options object based on configuration.

  •    Javascript

Resolve an options object based on configuration. Takes a config object that describes the options to accept/resolve and an options object (usually passed by a user) to resolve against the config. Returns a resolver that contains a resolve method for realtime resolution of options.