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cwise - Component-wise operations for ndarrays

  •    Javascript

This library can be used to generate cache efficient map/reduce operations for ndarrays.Note that in the above, i is not an actual Array, the indexing notation is just syntactic sugar.

p-retry - Retry a promise-returning or async function

  •    Javascript

It does exponential backoff and supports custom retry strategies for failed operations.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when calling input returns a fulfilled promise. If calling input returns a rejected promise, input is called again until the max retries are reached, it then rejects with the last rejection reason.

es-abstract - ECMAScript spec abstract operations.

  •    Javascript

ECMAScript spec abstract operations. When different versions of the spec conflict, the default export will be the latest version of the abstract operation. All abstract operations will also be available under an es5/es2015/es2016 entry point, and exported property, if you require a specific version.


  •    Javascript

Promises (e.g. q and libraries such as async.js are awesome but have limitations when it comes to defining complex dependencies between your chunks of code. operations.js is a library that allows us to create well defined operations which are wrappers around javascript functions. We can then express dependencies between them, compose them, place them on queues and cancel them at any point during their execution.

ARK - Development framework of intelligent operation

  •    Python

Ark is a development framework of intelligent operation which is implemented with an event-driven model. It proposes an intelligent operation engineering solution,to solve the following problems. Ark provides the following functions to solve the above problems.

watchmen - Infrastructure test runner using Pester and OVF modules

  •    PowerShell

Infrastructure test runner and notification system using Operation Validation Framework (OVF) PowerShell modules and Pester. Watchmen is a PowerShell module to make executing Pester tests contained in OVF modules easier using a simple PowerShell-based Domain Specific Language (DSL). It also provides the ability to execute a number of actions (notifiers) upon failing (or successful) infrastructure tests. Watchmen can also dynamically install OVF modules from public or private PowerShell repositories like the PowerShell Gallery should the module not be found on the system.

SwiftQueue - Job Scheduler for IOS with Concurrent run, failure/retry, persistence, repeat, delay and more

  •    Swift

Schedule tasks with constraints made easy. SwiftQueue is a job scheduler for iOS inspired by popular android libraries like android-priority-jobqueue or android-job. It allows you to run your tasks with run and retry constraints.

Flow-iOS - Make your logic flow and data flow clean and human readable

  •    Swift

So, we encapsulate operations as objects which can be chained using tree structures. Each operation is independent but able to be used with another one if the data required by the operations exist. In these 5 lines of code, we can know that two operations will be executed in serial and able to do something before and after the operations.