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thor-os - Simple operating system in C++, written from scratch

  •    C++

Thor is an operating system created for learning purposes and for fun. It is currently a 64-bit OS, written mainly in C++, with a few lines of assembly when necessary.

notes - detailed notes on computer science topics, in one page


Welcome to my personal notes on various computer science topics, gathered over 3 years. I am sharing them in the hope that they would be useful you as well.

ops - ops - build and run nanos unikernels

  •    Go

Ops is a tool for creating and running a Nanos unikernel. It is used to package, create and run your application as a nanos unikernel instance. Building from source is easy if you have used Go before.

toaru-nih - A completely-from-scratch hobby operating system: bootloader, kernel, drivers, C library, and userspace

  •    C

ToaruOS-NIH is a distribution of ToaruOS which contains no third-party components. Its bootloader, kernel, modules, C library, and userspace applications are all written by the ToaruOS development team and direct contributors. This distribution aims to eventually replace the core of the mainline ToaruOS, with the various third-party components building against our own C library. This is a long-term project, and developing the C library to the point where it is useful for this purpose is not expected to be completed for quite some time.

Operating-Systems - 'Operating System Concepts' - Solutions to exercises and projects

  •    C

Code segments for sections within the book Operating System Concepts. Also includes solutions to exercises and some special implementations briefly mentioned in the book. Finally, there is a project on creating a shell in C.

nanos - A kernel designed to run one and only one application in a virtualized environment

  •    C

Nanos is a new kernel designed to run one and only one application in a virtualized environment. It has several constraints on it compared to a general purpose operating system such as Windows or Linux - namely it's a single process system with no support for running multiple programs nor does it have the concept of users or remote administration via ssh. Read more about the Nanos Charter here.

abs - Collection of PKGBUILDS for PacBSD

  •    Shell

These are the collections of PKGBUILDS tweaked for building packages with makepkg on FreeBSD systems. We normally do as a template, but to build on FreeBSD we need to patch. We also need to run autotool fixes and other tasks to successfully build. For that we modified makepkg and have our own PKGBUILDS.

annotationis - Various notes/memoranda


Various notes/memoranda. We may eventually move the NTFS content in the Windows folder to a File Systems/NTFS folder.

www - www

  •    HTML

Install node.js and npm, the node package manager. I suggest you use nvm (the node version manager) or install node.js from source. The apt-get packages are fairly old.

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