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openiddict-core - Easy-to-use OpenID Connect server for ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

OpenIddict aims at providing a simple and easy-to-use solution to implement an OpenID Connect server in any ASP.NET Core 1.x or 2.x application. OpenIddict is based on AspNet.Security.OpenIdConnect.Server (codenamed ASOS) to control the OpenID Connect authentication flow and can be used with any membership stack, including ASP.NET Core Identity.

Apereo CAS - Enterprise Single Sign On for all earthlings and beyond

  •    Java

Welcome to the home of the Central Authentication Service project, more commonly referred to as CAS. CAS is an enterprise multilingual single sign-on solution for the web and attempts to be a comprehensive platform for your authentication and authorization needs. CAS is an open and well-documented authentication protocol. The primary implementation of the protocol is an open-source Java server component by the same name hosted here, with support for a plethora of additional authentication protocols and features.


  •    CSharp

AspNet.Security.OpenIdConnect.Server is an advanced OAuth2/OpenID Connect server framework for both ASP.NET Core 1.x/2.x and OWIN/Katana 3.x/4.x, designed to offer a low-level, protocol-first approach. The latest official release can be found on NuGet and the nightly builds on MyGet.

jose-jwt - Ultimate Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) and JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation for

  •    CSharp

Minimallistic zero-dependency library for generating, decoding and encryption JSON Web Tokens. Supports full suite of JSON Web Algorithms as of July 4, 2014 version. JSON parsing agnostic, can plug any desired JSON processing library. Extensively tested for compatibility with jose.4.j, Nimbus-JOSE-JWT and json-jwt libraries.v2.1 and above added extra features support for .NET461+ and coming with 3 version of binaries (NET4, NET461 and netstandard1.4).

lua-resty-openidc - Lua implementation to make NGINX operate as an OpenID Connect RP or OAuth 2

  •    Lua

lua-resty-openidc is a library for NGINX implementing the OpenID Connect Relying Party (RP) and/or the OAuth 2.0 Resource Server (RS) functionality. When used as an OpenID Connect Relying Party it authenticates users against an OpenID Connect Provider using OpenID Connect Discovery and the Basic Client Profile (i.e. the Authorization Code flow). When used as an OAuth 2.0 Resource Server it can validate OAuth 2.0 Bearer Access Tokens against an Authorization Server or, in case a JSON Web Token is used for an Access Token, verification can happen against a pre-configured secret/key .

jose2go - Golang (GO) implementation of Javascript Object Signing and Encryption specification

  •    Go

Pure Golang (GO) library for generating, decoding and encrypting JSON Web Tokens. Zero dependency, relies only on standard library.Supports full suite of signing, encryption and compression algorithms defined by JSON Web Algorithms as of July 4, 2014 version.

goidc-proxy - OpenID Connect proxy

  •    Go

The proxy is based on coreos/go-oidc package. It supports simple proxying request based on authentication from any OpenID Connect providers. You can forward either OAuth2 Accesstoken (oauth2) or JWT Token (jwt) in Authorization header. The OAuth2 Accesstokenis the default option for sending to downstream target application. This is useful depending upon your target application configured under proxy section. In addition to that it has support for two factor authentication which is primarily tested for Dataporten. Two factor can be enabled for selected users/groups or for all the users.

openiddict-samples - ASP.NET Core/JavaScript samples for OpenIddict

  •    PowerShell

ASP.NET Core samples demonstrating how to use OpenIddict with the different OAuth2/OpenID Connect flows. OpenIddict is actively maintained by Kévin Chalet. Contributions are welcome and can be submitted using pull requests.

oidconnect-laravel - The OpenIDConnect Laravel package is meant to provide you an opportunity to easily authenticate users using OpenID Connect protocol

  •    PHP

The OpenIDConnect Laravel package is meant to provide you an opportunity to easily authenticate users using OpenID Connect protocol. Open config/app.php and register the required service providers above your application providers.

servicestack-authentication-identityserver - A plugin for ServiceStack and IdentityServer that provides OpenIDConnect / OAuth 2

  •    CSharp

A plugin for ServiceStack and IdentityServer that provides OpenIDConnect / OAuth 2.0 Single Sign-On Authentication for a Client that consumes other services (e.g. in a microservices-based environment). This enables a client servicestack instance to be redirected to an IdentityServer instance when they attempt to access a secure service without the necessary credentials. The user is required to provide credentials to the IdentityServer instance such that on succesful authenticated, the user is redirected back to the servicestack instance which can authorize the user to access the secure service based on claims-based credentials provided by IdentityServer.

nginx-openid-connect - Reference implementation of OpenID Connect integration for NGINX Plus

  •    Javascript

This repository describes how to enable OpenID Connect integration for NGINX Plus. The solution depends on the auth_jwt module and as such is not suitable for open source NGINX. With this environment, both the client and NGINX Plus communicate directly with the IdP at different stages during the initial authentication event.

doorkeeper-openid_connect - OpenID Connect extension for Doorkeeper

  •    Ruby

This library implements an OpenID Connect authentication provider for Rails applications on top of the Doorkeeper OAuth 2.0 framework. OpenID Connect is a single-sign-on and identity layer with a growing list of server and client implementations. If you're looking for a client in Ruby check out omniauth_openid_connect.

JE.IdentityServer.Security - Recaptcha for OpenIdConnect

  •    CSharp

Currently targets IdentityServer3 v2. In order to register the middleware for throttling, you should register your implementation of ILoginStatistics with your IoC container (see below) and inject this into the middleware as a factory lambda method. Your implementation of ILoginStatistics must implement IDisposable and the lifetime of this object will be managed per OWIN request.

AspNet.Security.OAuth.Extensions - OAuth2 extensions for ASP.NET Core and OWIN/Katana

  •    CSharp

AspNet.Security.OAuth.Extensions is a collection of token validation middleware for ASP.NET Core 1.0 and OWIN/Katana. The latest nightly builds can be found on MyGet.


  •    PowerShell

ASP.NET Core samples demonstrating how to use the ASP.NET OpenID Connect server with MVC or JS apps. Note: the samples hosted on this repository target ASP.NET Core 1.0 RTM ; see AspNet.Security.OpenIdConnect.Server/samples for samples targeting the latest pre-release versions.

oidc - OpenID Connect SDK (client and server) for Go

  •    Go

This project is a easy to use client and server implementation for the OIDC (Open ID Connect) standard written for Go. Whenever possible we tried to reuse / extend existing packages like OAuth2 for Go.

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