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glsl-optimizer - GLSL optimizer based on Mesa's GLSL compiler

  •    C++

A C++ library that takes GLSL shaders, does some GPU-independent optimizations on them and outputs GLSL or Metal source back. Optimizations are function inlining, dead code removal, copy propagation, constant folding, constant propagation, arithmetic optimizations and so on. Apparently quite a few mobile platforms are pretty bad at optimizing shaders; and unfortunately they also lack offline shader compilers. So using a GLSL optimizer offline before can make the shader run much faster on a platform like that. See performance numbers in this blog post.

glfw - A multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, window and input

  •    C

GLFW is an Open Source, multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan application development. It provides a simple, platform-independent API for creating windows, contexts and surfaces, reading input, handling events, etc. GLFW natively supports Windows, macOS and Linux and other Unix-like systems. Experimental implementations for the Wayland protocol and the Mir display server are available but not yet officially supported.

yasea - RTMP live streaming client for Android

  •    C

Yasea is an Android streaming client. It encodes YUV and PCM data from camera and microphone to H.264/AAC, encapsulates in FLV and transmits over RTMP. non-gpuimage for demo without GPUImage module.

KlayGE - KlayGE is a cross-platform open source game engine with plugin-based architecture.

  •    C++

KlayGE is a cross-platform open source game engine with plugin-based architecture. It's started since 2003. The explicit goal of KlayGE is: to arm your engine with cutting-edge technology. It provides a framework to make game development, testing, porting as simple as possible. Before compiling KlayGE, Python 2.7+ and CMake 3.4+ must be installed first. Then you can run build_all.py to build KlayGE, its Samples, Tools, etc. For details, please see http://www.klayge.org/wiki/index.php/Installation.

glfm - OpenGL ES and input for iOS, tvOS, Android, and WebGL

  •    C

Write OpenGL ES code in C/C++ without writing platform-specific code. GLFM is an OpenGL ES layer for mobile devices and the web. GLFM supplies an OpenGL ES context and input events. It is largely inspired by GLFW.

Iyan3d - Iyan 3D Professional Edition - 3D animation app for iOS & Android

  •    C

A 3D animation app for mobile devices (iOS, Android). Project can be built on both xCode on macOS or Android Studio. The complete source code is made open source with an intention to contribute back to the community. And a lot more. Will keep this section update as often as possible. Lots of code were copied from different places and eventually we lost track of where we took.

gopi - Raspberry Pi Go Language Interface

  •    Go

This repository contains an application framework for the Go language, which will allow you to develop applications which utilize a number of features of your computer. It's targetted at the Raspberry Pi but maybe parts of it would work in general environments like Linux and Macintosh. Obvously the Raspberry Pi builds will include more features on the whole than the Linux versions. However, the GPIO version for Linux adds falling and rising edge detection, which is not available in the Raspberry Pi driver.

iOBJ - iOS OBJ Viewer with LOD features

  •    Objective-C

iOBJ is an iOS OBJ Viewer with Level Of Detail features written in Objective-C. It uses a polygon reduction algorithm proposed by Stan Melax. This project was created for the term paper: 3D models reconstructor with Level Of Detail in iOS (EN) / Reconstrutor de modelos 3D utilizando técnica de nível de detalhamento no iOS (PT-BR).

gbox - 🎨 A multi-platform graphic library

  •    C

gbox is a mutli-platform c graphic library. It is now in the early stages of development only for reference and learning.

GLPT - GLPT :: OpenGL Pascal Toolkit. A multi-platform library for OpenGL and OpenGL ES

  •    Pascal

An easy to use native pascal toolkit that allows to create and manage OpenGL contexts in a platform independent way. GLPT is available under the MIT license. Some screenshots on different platforms.

Dilithium - Dilithium is a bidirectional shader converter for converting between DXIL and SPIR-V.

  •    C++

Dilithim is an open source library for converting DXIL and SPIR-V in bidirectional. Currently it's in a very early stage. DXIL (DirectX Intermediate Language) is a binary format that introduced by DirectX Shader Compiler. As the name suggests, it's an intermediate language compiled from HLSL, and consumed by GPU drivers. Unlike its predecessor DXBC (DirectX Byte Code), DXIL is open and standardized.

Ooogles - Object Oriented OpenGL-ES 2.0

  •    Pascal

Ooogles is a ultra-thin object oriented Delphi wrapper around OpenGL-ES 2.0 with near-zero impact on performance. It can also be used to create OpenGL applications for desktop platforms using the OpenGL-ES subset of OpenGL. This wrapper is still pretty low-level. It is not a "rendering engine" or high-level framework, so you still need OpenGL knowledge.

knightsofalentejo - A Android NDK rewrite of a Ludum Dare turn-based adventure game I wrote way back

  •    Java

An Android rewrite of a Ludum Dare turn-based adventure game I wrote way back. Guide portuguese knights through a dungeon and kill demons. Supports screen casting and external game controllers.

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