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openFrameworks - openFrameworks is a community-developed cross platform toolkit for creative coding in C++

  •    C++

docs has some documentation around OF usage, per platform things to consider, etc. You should definitely take a look in there; for example, if you are on OSX, read the osx.md. apps and examples are where projects go -- examples contains a variety of projects that show you how to use OF, and apps is where your own projects will go. libs contains the libraries that OF uses, including the openframeworks core itself. addons are for additional functionality that's not part of the core. export is for DLLs and dylibs that need to be put in each compiled project. The scripts folder has the templates and small scripts for automating OF per platform. project generator is a GUI based tool for making new projects - this folder is only there in packaged releases. One idea that's important is that OF releases are designed to be self-contained. You can put them anywhere on your hard drive, but it's not possible to mix different releases of OF together, so please keep each release (0.8.0, 0.8.1) separate. Projects may generally work from release to release, but this is not guaranteed. Because OF is self-contained, there's extensive use of local file paths (ie, ../../../) throughout OF. It's important to be aware of how directories are structured. A common error is to take a project and move it so that it's a level below or above where it used to be compared to the root of OF. This means that links such as ../../../libs will break.

ofxCv - Alternative approach to interfacing with OpenCv from openFrameworks.

  •    C++

ofxCv represents an alternative approach to wrapping OpenCV for openFrameworks. Or download the source from GitHub here, unzip the folder, rename it from ofxCv-master to ofxCv and place it in your openFrameworks/addons folder.

ofxSocketIO - ofx addons that wraps socket.io-client-cpp for OF

  •    C++

ofxSocketIO is an ofxaddon that wraps socket.io-client-cpp. It is still under active development. ofxSocketIO provides the compiled libraries for osx and linux64 out of the box. If you have to compile socket.io-client-cpp yourself, follow the installation instructions.

SixFeatures - The six core features of (almost) any programming language, demonstrated in Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, and C++

  •    CSharp

The six core features of (almost) any programming language, demonstrated in Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, and C++.

ofxSimpleSerial - Simplifies Serial Communication from openFrameworks

  •    C++

Automatic message completion Complete messages exist between \n's, sent for example from Arduino with Serial.println(). If the complete message cannot be read during one "update" it will keep listening for updates for it to be completed.

ofxCorkCsg - A constructive solid geometry (mesh boolean) addon for openFrameworks.

  •    C

Constructive solid geometry (mesh boolean) addon for openFrameworks v0.10+ based on this fork of the Cork library. To use the library, generate a mesh and then execute one of the operations.

ofxDlib - An openFrameworks wrapper for dlib. http://dlib.net/

  •    C++

This is under development currently so, your please post questions to the issues for now. For more, see docs/GETTING_STARTED.md.

ofxTouchPad - Multitouch support for touchpads.

  •    C++

Access raw multi-touch device data on OSX 10.5 or greater. Requires MultitouchSupport.framework to be included in the project.

ofxFontStash - Easy (and fast) unicode string rendering addon for OpenFrameworks

  •    C

Quick and simple Addon wrapping Font-Stash. I made tiny modifications to FontStash to render text flipped vertically, to play nicer in the OpenFrameworks universe in general. It will also report every time a new texture is created. Other modifications have been made to support mipmaps, character spacing, kerning, and retina support.

ofxHistoryPlot - Visualize value history on a configurable graph

  •    C++

Quick and simple plotting of values over time. Useful to evaluate value fluctuations. Highly customisable.

ofxRemoteUI - OpenFrameworks addon serves any number of variables (bool, float, int, enum, string, ofColor) on the network, so that you can modify from outside the OF app

  •    C++

OpenFrameworks addon that allows you to serve c++ variables/parameters (bool, float, int, enum, string, ofColor) on the network, so that you can modify them remotely. It uses server client architecture, where your app is the server. It communicates both ways; you can modify your project's variables from the client, but you can also pull your app's variable values from the client; this way you can track values that evolve programatically. It runs on OSC. You can save and then load "presets", which allow you to quickly change values for a lot of your parameters quickly. You can also make "group presets" to change only the values of a subset of your parameters.

ofxTimeMeasurements - OpenFrameworks add-on to easily measure execution times on different parts of your code

  •    C++

Simple OpenFrameworks addon to easily measure execution times across any sections of your code. The ofxTimeMeasurements widget will list a line named "measurement1" showing how long it took for the section to execute.

OFLessons - Exercises used by my openFramework course which I teach in Brussels.

  •    Makefile

Samples used in a openframeWorks course which I teach at EHB brussels. Covering different topics. Always interested in giving this course at other places if somebody is interested. Clone this repository in /openframworks/apps/ All samples are tested with the latest OF 0.93 on Windows and OSX. Use the project generator to update the solution for your platform.

ofxHapPlayer - A Hap player for OpenFrameworks

  •    C++

A Hap player for OpenFrameworks on MacOS X and Windows (the Windows version currently works with OpenFrameworks 0.8 only). Hap is a codec for fast video playback and is available for free here - it is required for accelerated playback using this addon.

vscode_oF - openFrameworks empty example for visual studio code

  •    Makefile

It provides quick auto complete feature. Since vscode does not provide built-in debugger, debugging feature is depends on platform. Curretly tested on OSX and Ubuntu(by @anselanza). Now we can browse source code under /libs/openFrameworks and /addons/* folders.

Openframe-OF - Openframe extension which adds support for openFrameworks executables.

  •    Shell

An Openframe format extension which runs openFrameworks executables built for the RPi (arm). This will install the extension on your current frame.

ofxBranchesPrimitive - openFrameworks addon to create geometries composed by branches

  •    C++

This openFrameworks addon can be used to compose geometries that are made out of branches. As "branch" I mean a class that is initialized with a starting point and an end point, a quaternion that defines the initial orientation and an initial direction. The desired geometry for each branch can be specified when merging the branches into the mesh. By default, this addon comes with a cylindric geometry that can be used to create tubular structures, as in the example-circle-points app. If you want to create your own geometry for the branches, have a look at the example-branch application, find the ofxBranchCylinder::putIntoMesh method and substitute it with your custom one.

ofxLSystemGrammar - openFrameworks addon that implements most of the string rewriting grammars described in the book "The Algorithimic Beauty of Plants"

  •    C++

This addon implements most of the grammars described in "The Algorithimic Beauty of Plants", a book written by Lyndenmayer and Prusinkiewicz, free available online at this URL. This addon can be used to draw L-System plants or fractals. Although in the examples you can see some 2D graphic interpretation of this grammars, this addon takes care only of the strings generation. If you need a turtle graphic interpretation of the grammars generated with ofxLSystemGrammar, in 3D, have a look at ofxLSystem to see which kind of meshes it is possible to draw using this addon. It is currently tested on mac, linux and windows against the current master branch of openFrameworks.

ofxPhyllotaxis - Phyllotaxis algorithm implementation for openFrameworks

  •    Makefile

This addons simply consists of three static methods that implements a model that describes the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem, called phyllotaxis. In the example application, it is used in a 3D scene. It provides 3 methods slightly differents from each other.

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