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precice - A coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations, including, but not restricted to fluid-structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer simulations

  •    C++

preCICE stands for Precise Code Interaction Coupling Environment. Its main component is a library that can be used by simulation programs to be coupled together in a partitioned way, enabling multi-physics simulations, such as fluid-structure interaction. If you are new to preCICE, please have a look at our documentation and at precice.org. You may also prefer to get and install a binary package for the latest release (master branch).

openfoam-os-x - Patches for OpenFOAM(R) to build it on OS X

  •    Shell

Patches for OpenFOAM(R) compilation on macOS. Detailed installation instructions can be found in wiki. This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software via www.openfoam.com, and owner of the OPENFOAM(R) and OpenCFD(R) trade marks.

CFDWind - CFDWind is a tool developed at CENER for the simulation of atmospheric flows whose latests implementations are carried out under the framework of the New European Wind Atlas project (NEWA)

  •    C

CFDWind3 is a tool developed at CENER for the simulation of atmospheric flows whose latests implementations are carried out under the framework of the New European Wind Atlas project (NEWA). The current system is built under the open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool-kit OpenFOAM version 2.4.0. The model is designed to solve the unsteady Reynolds Navier-Stokes equations (URANS) for incompressible flows in which turbulence closure is achieved using eddy-viscosity theory and the modified (two-equation) k-ε closure scheme as proposed by Sogachev et al. (2012).

openfoam-adapter - OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter

  •    C++

See the adapter documentation and related tutorials. Please report any issues here and give us feedback through one of our community channels.

tutorials - Various tutorial cases for the coupling library preCICE with real solvers

  •    Python

This repository contains ready-to-run tutorial cases for the coupling library preCICE. The purpose of these cases is not to teach you how to use preCICE from scratch, but to serve as starting points for setting up similar simulation cases, as well as test cases. Read more on our preCICE tutorials documentation section. As a general rule, you can start each participant from inside their <tutorial>/<participant>-<solver> using ./run.sh. Look into these short scripts and copy the parts you need for your new case. Before running again, execute the cleaning scripts you can find at each level, to clean from this point and deeper.

dafoam - DAFoam: Discrete Adjoint with OpenFOAM for High-fidelity Gradient-based Design Optimization

  •    C

Refer to https://dafoam.github.io for installation, documentation, and tutorials. Please cite the following papers in any publication for which you find DAFoam useful.

turbinesFoam - Actuator line modeling extension library for OpenFOAM.

  •    C++

turbinesFoam is a library for simulating wind and marine hydrokinetic turbines in OpenFOAM using the actuator line method. Be sure to check out the development snapshot videos on YouTube.

usv_sim_lsa - Unmanned Surface Vehicle simulation on Gazebo with water current and winds

  •    Python

This simulator uses a combination of multiple physics packages to build a test environment for Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV). We'll use it, at first, to develop and test control and trajectory strategies for USVs. but it can be easily adapted to other applications. It contains multiple robot models such as propeled boats(rudder boat, differential boat, airboat) and sailboat. Boats are affected by waves, wind and water currents. To do that, we curently use UWsim for water surface modeling, we also load HEC-RAS output files with water speed of river and channel simulations. We simulate wind current with OpenFoam simulator. All those features alow to disturb the movement of boats in a realistic way. To run the packages of usv_sim you need a catkin workspace. If you already have a workspace you may jump to the Downloading and installing subsection.

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