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Skywalking - APM, Application Performance Monitoring System

  •    Java

SkyWalking is an APM (application performance monitor) system, especially designed for microservices, cloud native and container-based (Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos) architectures. SkyWalking is an open source APM system, including monitoring, tracing, diagnosing capabilities for distributed system in Cloud Native architecture. It supports to collect telemetry (metrics, traces, and logs) data from multiple sources and multiple formats.

opentelemetry-collector - OpenTelemetry Collector

  •    Go

The OpenTelemetry Collector offers a vendor-agnostic implementation on how to receive, process and export telemetry data. In addition, it removes the need to run, operate and maintain multiple agents/collectors in order to support open-source telemetry data formats (e.g. Jaeger, Prometheus, etc.) sending to multiple open-source or commercial back-ends. See CONTRIBUTING.md.

Signoz - Open-source Observability platform and an alternative to DataDog, NewRelic

  •    Javascript

SigNoz is an opensource observability platform. SigNoz uses distributed tracing to gain visibility into your systems and powers data using Kafka (to handle high ingestion rate and backpressure) and Apache Druid (Apache Druid is a high performance real-time analytics database), both proven in the industry to handle scale.

opentelemetry-collector-contrib - Contrib repository for the OpenTelemetry Collector

  •    Go

This is a repository for OpenTelemetry Collector contributions that are not part of the core distribution of the Collector. Typically, these contributions are vendor specific receivers/exporters and/or components that are only useful to a relatively small number of users. Please note that this repository and its releases are a superset of the core repository.

opentelemetry-php - The OpenTelemetry PHP Library

  •    PHP

This project currently lives in a pre-alpha status. Our current release is not production ready; it has been created in order to receive feedback from the community. We attempt to keep the OpenTelemetry Specification Matrix up to date in order to show which features are available and which have not yet been implemented.

zio-telemetry - ZIO-powered OpenTelemetry library

  •    Scala

OpenTracing is a standard and API for distributed tracing, i.e. collecting timings, and logs across process boundaries. Well known implementations are Jaeger and Zipkin. After importing import zio.opentracing._, additional combinators on ZIOs are available to support starting child spans, tagging, logging and managing baggage.

opentelemetry-exporter-java - An OpenTelemetry exporter that sends telemetry to New Relic

  •    Java

‚ĚóNotice: This project has been archived as is and is no longer actively maintained. Rather than developing a Java specific OpenTelemetry exporter New Relic has adopted a language agnostic approach that facilitates data collection from all OpenTelemetry data sources.

micrometer-registry-newrelic - Micrometer registry implementation that sends data to New Relic as dimensional metrics

  •    Java

A Micrometer metrics registry for sending dimensional metrics to New Relic using the New Relic Java Telemetry SDK. This registry should be able to be used both within a Spring Boot application, or any application that uses micrometer for recording metrics.

newrelic-telemetry-sdk-java - Java library for sending telemetry data to New Relic

  •    Java

Send data to New Relic! No agent required. Our Telemetry SDK tries to be helpful, so your job of sending telemetry data to New Relic can be done in the right way, easily. We've covered all of the basics for you so you can focus on writing feature code directly related to your business need or interest.

dropwizard-metrics-newrelic - Implementation of a DropWizard metrics Reporter that sends data as dimensional metrics to New Relic

  •    Java

A Dropwizard metrics reporter for sending dimensional metrics to New Relic using the New Relic Java Telemetry SDK. For the juicy details on how Dropwizard metrics are mapped to New Relic dimensional metrics, please visit the exporter specs documentation repo. or if you're using kotlin build gradle...

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