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privnote-cli - :key: the power of privnote.com in your terminal

  •    Javascript

Privnote allows you to create one-time-pad encrypted, burn-after-reading notes over the internet. It's a great way to share passwords or other sensitive peices of information. But, you have to use a web browser! Or, should I say, had to. You bring the plaintext; privnote will print the link to stdout and the clipboard.

otplib - :key: One Time Password (OTP) / 2FA for Node

  •    Javascript

otplib is a JavaScript One Time Password (OTP) library. It provides both functional and class based interfaces for dealing with OTP generation and verification. It implements both HOTP - RFC 4226 and TOTP - RFC 6238, and are tested against the test vectors provided in their respective RFC specifications. These datasets can be found in the packages/tests folder.

jsotp - Javascript One-Time Password module.

  •    Javascript

jsotp is a node module to generate and verify one-time passwords that were used to implement 2FA and MFA authentication method in web applications and other login-required systems.

nitrokey-app - Nitrokey's Application (Win, Linux, Mac)

  •    C++

Nitrokey App is a cross-platform (runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS) application created to manage Nitrokey devices. Lately developed under Ubuntu 17.10/18.04 with Qt5.9. Underneath it uses libnitrokey to communicate with the supported devices. Both Nitrokey App and libnitrokey are available under GPLv3 license. For Nitrokey HSM please see Nitrokey Encryption Tool. Nitrokey Start has its own tools in its firmware repository.