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eventemitter3 - EventEmitter3 - Because there's also a number 2. And we're faster.

  •    Javascript

It's a drop in replacement for existing EventEmitters, but just faster. Free performance, who wouldn't want that? The EventEmitter is written in EcmaScript 3 so it will work in the oldest browsers and node versions that you need to support.We've upgraded the API of the EventEmitter.on, EventEmitter.once and EventEmitter.removeListener to accept an extra argument which is the context or this value that should be set for the emitted events. This means you no longer have the overhead of an event that required fn.bind in order to get a custom this value.

emittery - Simple and modern async event emitter

  •    Javascript

It's only ~200 bytes minified and gzipped. I'm not fanatic about keeping the size at this level though.Emitting events asynchronously is important for production code where you want the least amount of synchronous operations.


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that prevents a script from being loaded more than once via $.getScript()

once - Run a function exactly one time

  •    Javascript

Only call a function once.Ironically, the prototype feature makes this module twice as complicated as necessary.

onetime - Ensure a function is only called once

  •    Javascript

When called multiple times it will return the return value from the first call.Unlike the module once, this one isn't naughty extending Function.prototype.

ready - NodeJS mixin to add one-time ready event

  •    Javascript

Events are great. You should use events, but not for signaling ready! Ready implies state, and once you are ready, you stay ready. This is a module for everyone who has bound an event handler.on('ready', function() {}) that doesn't execute because you added the handler after the 'ready' event already fired.

vue-once - Adds an event listener that will be invoked a single time

  •    Javascript

Vue.js directive. Adds an event listener that will be invoked a single time.

Ecno - Ecno is a task state manager built on top of UserDefaults in pure Swift 4.

  •    Swift

By Xmartlabs SRL. Ecno was inspired by Once Android library. It's a task state manager built on top of UserDefaults in pure Swift 4. This abstraction allows you to mark 'tasks' as done, 'to-do' and check for those states.

ng2-events - Supercharge your Angular2+ event handling

  •    TypeScript

The recommended way is to only import the sub-modules for the features you need. Every module can either be imported from the package root or from its own sub-folder. Using deep imports is recommended if you only want to use a few of the modules in this library and your package manager does not support tree-shaking. The event handler is called when an event is fired outside of the element and its children.

once - Once CSS library

  •    CSS

Once CSS/SASS library solves the headache of repetitive CSS. We have adopted best practices from OOCSS and atomic/functional CSS. The goal is to write the basic widely used classes once for everyone to use and not repeat yourself. Basically one class does one specific job but can do multiple CSS properties. Import .scss files you need from sass/ directory in your projects SCSS. If you like to use all the features - you can import sass/main.scss or copy content from sass/main.scss into your project.

Once - 🚀 Minimalist library to manage one-off operations.

  •    Swift

Unlike run, do will persist the execution history of the task (using UserDefault).

Once - Minimalist library to manage one-off operations.

  •    Swift

Once allows you to manage the number of executions of a task using an intuitive API. Token records the number of times the task is executed in memory, which allows the task to be executed only once during the entire lifetime of the app.

bound-once - A fast, memory efficient, and tiny solution to an evergreen problem.

  •    Javascript

A fast, memory efficient, and tiny solution to an evergreen problem. Alternatively, you can check bind.for utility, which is definitively faster, but it has not ideal ergonomics.

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