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  •    Javascript

Trip.js is a plugin that can help you customize a tutorial trip easily with more flexibilities.

material-intro-screen - Inspired by Heinrich Reimer Material Intro and developed with love from scratch

  •    Java

Material intro screen is inspired by Material Intro and developed with love from scratch. I decided to rewrite completely almost all features in order to make Android intro screen easy to use for everyone and extensible as possible. To report a specific problem or feature request, open a new issue on Github.

AMPopTip - An animated popover that pops out a given frame, great for subtle UI tips and onboarding.

  •    Swift

Animated popover that pops out of a frame. You can specify the direction of the popover and the arrow that points to its origin. Color, border radius and font can be easily customized. This popover can be used to leave subtle hints about your UI and provide fun looking onboarding popups. With version 2.0.0 the library was re-written in Swift, and the API was slightly updated. Checkout version 1.5.x for the previous Objective-C implementation.

MaterialTapTargetPrompt - Material Design tap target for Android

  •    Java

A Tap Target implementation in Android based on Material Design Onboarding guidelines. For more information on tap targets check out the guidelines. JavaDocs, examples and a sample app with examples implemented are available.

BulletinBoard - General-purpose contextual cards for iOS

  •    Swift

BulletinBoard is an iOS library that generates and manages contextual cards displayed at the bottom of the screen. It is especially well suited for quick user interactions such as onboarding screens or configuration. It has an interface similar to the cards displayed by iOS for AirPods, Apple TV/HomePod configuration and NFC tag scanning. It supports both the iPhone, iPhone X and the iPad.

TweenKit - Animation library for iOS in Swift

  •    Swift

Create an instance of ActionScheduler to run your animations. You should retain the scheduler, so it's best made as a property on your View Controller. TweenKit's animations are composed of 'Actions'. These are small animation units that can be chained or grouped to build complex animations. Once you have created an action, you can tell the scheduler to run it.

SwiftyOnboard - A swifty iOS framework that allows developers to create beautiful onboarding experiences

  •    Swift

A simple iOS framework that allows developers to create onboarding experiences. SwiftyOnboard makes it easy to add onboarding to any iOS application. SwiftyOnboard handles all of the logic behind the pagination of views, which allows you to quickly add a highly customizable onboarding to your app, all in a lightweight framework.

AlertOnboarding - A simple and attractive AlertView to onboard your users in your amazing world.

  •    Swift

A simple and attractive AlertView to onboard your users in your amazing world. This AlertOnboarding was inspired by this amazing dribbble. It will help you to maximise, simply, onboarding process on your app.


  •    Swift

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. KDIntroView is a framework to create dynamic onboarding views(onboarding flows) for your iOS App. You can create all sorts of cool animations.

react-user-tour - give your user a guided tour around your application

  •    Javascript

function that fires when user clicks the Next button. Receives the next step integer as a callback. For example, if current step is 1 and user clicks the Next button, onNext(2) will be called. function that fires when user clicks the Back button. Receives the previous step integer as a callback. For example, if current step is 2 and user clicks the Back button, onBack(1) will be called.

hubot-onboarding - A Hubot script for welcoming new hires to your organization by gradually providing them scheduled information

  •    CoffeeScript

A Hubot script for welcoming new hires to your organization by gradually providing them scheduled information. Uses Google Docs as a backend to make maintenance as easy as updating a spreadsheet. Inspired by Dolores Landingham. See src/index.coffee for documentation. This project is in alpha and documentation will be improved as we enter beta.

learnQuery - Learn JavaScript fundamentals by building your own jQuery equivalent library

  •    Javascript

Your assignment will be to build your own jQuery library through a series of different steps. This will help you learn JavaScript. All tasks are jQuery equivalent methods. To be clear, you cannot use jQuery. You must use standard JavaScript methods to create jQuery equivalent methods.

Ahoy - A lightweight swift library to build onboarding experiences.

  •    Swift

By Xmartlabs SRL. Ahoy is a swift library that helps you build awesome onboarding experiences for your users.

OnboardKit - Customisable user onboarding for your iOS app

  •    Swift

Don't forget to import OnboardKit in the file you intend to use it. You can customize the look of your onboarding by changing the default colors.

argus-android - Login/Registration Module for Android

  •    Java

Argus Android makes it hassle free of managing all onboarding related tasks such as Signup/Login/Forgot Password and Social Logins. Argus exposes ArgusActivity which can be set as launcher activity in AndroidManifest or started using an Intent. Currently it redirects to Login screen by default but in future we would let developer choose where he want to start.

react-beacon - Onboarding tooltips for web apps using Slack-like beacons

  •    Javascript

If the persistent attribute is specified, the component will automatically remember whether the beacon has been clicked on. If it has already been clicked, it will not be displayed again since generally the user will only want to see an onboarding tooltip once. The state of each beacon is stored using a unique ID. If you just set persistent to true, a SHA-1 hash will be calculated from the beacon content and used as the key. This means that all beacons will have a unique key as long as they also have unique content. You can override this key by specifying some other truthy value for the persistent attribute.

onboarding - Onboarding materials for the Greene Lab


The repository is home to the onboarding information for the Greene Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. See onboarding.md for the onboarding information. This repository is dedicated to the public domain. See the LICENSE file for more details.

EasyTipView - C# port of https://github

  •    CSharp

Note: This repository contains a port to C# of the original library, which is written in Swift. EasyTipView is a fully customisable tooltip view that can be used as a call to action or informative tip.