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downshift - 🏎 Primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components

  •    Javascript

You need an autocomplete/dropdown/select experience in your application and you want it to be accessible. You also want it to be simple and flexible to account for your use cases.This is a component that controls user interactions and state for you so you can create autocomplete/dropdown/select/etc. components. It uses a render function as children which gives you maximum flexibility with a minimal API because you are responsible for the rendering of everything and you simply apply props to what you're rendering.

bomnibox - Optimized fuzzy omnibox history search for chrome - Like firefox quick history search

  •    Javascript

Optimized fuzzy omnibox history search for chrome - Like firefox quick history search

ngc-omnibox - A modern, flexible, Angular 1.x autocomplete library with limited assumptions.

  •    Javascript

The Omnibox is a lightweight implementation of an autocomplete field and menu that gives the implementor as much control as possible over the markup and data structure used, and makes as few UI and style assumptions as possible. It is currently implemented in AngularJS 1.x. And that's it. If your autocomplete needs are compatible with those assumptions, you can use Omnibox.

jinabox.js - A lightweight, customizable omnibox in Javascript, for use with a Jina backend.

  •    Javascript

jinabox.js is a lightweight, customizable set of components for querying and displaying results from Jina flows. You can use it for searching text, images, videos, audio or any kind of data with a Jina backend.

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