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frontend - CircleCI's frontend

  •    Clojure

This is an open-source mirror of the code that is running CircleCI's frontend. CircleCI provides powerful Continuous Integration and Deployment with easy setup and maintenance. Feel free to fork and make contributions. We'll try to get them into the main application.

tengen - Simple let-based Reagent component fns for Clojure/Script

  •    Clojure

Ten-gen (天元) is a Japanese Go term for the central, and only unique point on the Go board.Reactjs has its pros and cons. Overall, it can be a good fit for web/native application development with Clojure/Script.

GildedGauge - An experiment in visualizing relative wealth

  •    Clojure

Gilded Gauge is an experiment in visualizing relative wealth in terms viewers may find more natural to grasp. Enormous numbers become tangible via comparisons to the Fall of Rome, the distant future, and cascades of emoji commodities.


  •    Javascript

So flux is pretty cool. But, I wanted something simpler, because I wanted to move faster. So, I created flocks - a flux alternative. The primary goal of flocks.js is extreme simplicity.

storefront - The front of the store

  •    Clojure

The front of shop.mayvenn.com. Storefront is built primarily using ClojureScript and Om, with a smidgen of Clojure.

cljs-react-material-ui - Clojurescript library for using material-ui.com

  •    Clojure

This library is interop to get Material-UI working in Clojurescript. You must start your MaterialUI component tree with ui/mui-theme-provider, which must have exactly one direct child and defined theme. Use the same pattern when you want to change theme for some children, see example app.

jsx-to-clojurescript - Command and library to convert JSX snippets to Om/Reagent/Rum or other Clojurescript-style format

  •    Clojure

Use it with keyword jsxcljs and paste JSX. To change command line arguments for all following queries use jsxcljs set and type arguments. Don't put arguments into jsxcljs, only JSX string.

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