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Caret.js - Get caret postion and offset from text field

  •    Javascript

This is the core function that working in At.js. Now, It just become an simple jquery plugin so that everybody can use it. And, of course, At.js is using this plugin too.

turf-buffer - Buffers a point, linestring, or polygon Feature/FeatureCollection to a given radius

  •    Javascript

Calculates a buffer for input features for a given radius. Units supported are miles, kilometers, and degrees.Requires nodejs.

polygon-offset - Small lib for polygon offsetting(margin/padding)

  •    Javascript

Small lib for polygon offsetting(margin/padding). See the example of how it can be used with Leaflet. It handles quite well oddly shaped and concave polygons. The reason I wrote this is that the only working solution to this problem known to me is Angus Johnson's Clipper library. Library is huge and offsetting in it is subroutine.


  •    Javascript

Works with Leaflet >= 1.0. This plugin adds to Leaflet Polylines the ability to be drawn with a relative pixel offset, without modifying their actual LatLngs. The offset value can be either negative or positive, for left- or right-side offset, and remains constant across zoom levels.

position - utilities for working with positioned DOM elements

  •    Javascript

Determine the perimeter of an elements containing block. This is the box that determines the childs positioning. The container cords are relative to the document element not the viewport; so take into account scrolling.

mouse-event-offset - get relative position in an element on mouse clicks

  •    Javascript

Computes the [ offsetX, offsetY ] from a mouse or touch event, relative to the top left of the target element. Pass a MouseEvent or TouchEvent as event.

position-calculator - jQuery plugin, to calculate the position of an element relative to another element or event

  •    Javascript

Calculate the position of an element relative to another element or event. It has also functionality to handle collision within the viewport of a given container. It does not manipulate CSS or DOM, it only calculates values. It is a basic technology to support implementation of tooltips, popups, popovers, scrollspies and many more.

hxClipper - Port of Angus Johnson's Clipper lib v6.4.1 to haxe 3.1+

  •    Haxe

hxClipper is developed by Giuseppe Di Mauro (azrafe7), porting original code from Angus Johnson, and released under the Boost 1.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

node-datetime - An extended Date object for javascript

  •    Javascript

Extended Date object for javascript. 1. Handles offests by days and hours. 2. Built-in formatting function. 3. Time based value calculation.

utils-offset - CSS offset utilities

  •    Javascript

SUIT CSS offset utilities. Read more about SUIT CSS's design principles.

utils-after - CSS trailing offset utilities

  •    CSS

SUIT CSS trailing offset utilities. Read more about SUIT CSS's design principles.

utils-before - CSS leading offset utilities

  •    CSS

SUIT CSS leading offset utilities. Read more about SUIT CSS's design principles.

burrowx - Kafka consumer lag monitor

  •    Go

A simple, lightweight kafka offset monitor, currently metrics stored by influxdb. Motivated by Burrow, but much faster and cleaner and more stable. burrowx is good integration with influxdb and grafana. A Docker file is available which builds this project on top of an Alpine Linux image.