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cosmos - Algorithms that run our universe | Your personal library of every algorithm and data structure code that you will ever encounter | Ask us anything at our forum

  •    C++

Cosmos is your personal offline collection of every algorithm and data structure one will ever encounter and use in a lifetime. This provides solutions in various languages spanning C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Go and others. This work is maintained by a community of hundreds of people and is a massive collaborative effort to bring the readily available coding knowledge offline.

OfflineSampleApp - Sample Offline-First MVVM app that uses Android Priority Job Queue, Room, Retrofit2, LiveData, LifecycleObserver, RxJava2, Dagger Android

  •    Java

Offline App (or Offline-First App) enables user to seamlessly interact with it by using local device storage and then synchronizing the data with some remote storage (cloud database, etc) later via a background process. This app is a working sample that showcases one way of implementing offline commenting capability on Android platform. Users' comments are stored in local Room database first. Then a background job is spawned to synchronize local data with remote database if and when Internet connection is available.

OpenNote - Open web-based alternative to Microsoft OneNote (T) and EverNote

  •    Javascript

OpenNote is a progressive web application(PWA) / HTML5 offline app that was built to be a web based text editor/note taking software. It is designed to be self hosted and gives you ownership of your data.

bibleify-desktop - 🖥️Simple & fast bible app with dramatized audio built with Electron, React, Rematch & Realm

  •    Javascript

Click here to download the latest version. Bibleify is a simple & fast bible app with dramatized audio. The design is modern, distraction-free, and easy-to-use.

Teller-Android - Android library that manages your app's cached data with ease.

  •    Kotlin

Android library that makes your apps faster. Read the official announcement of Teller to learn more about what it does and why to use it.

Wendy-Android - Build offline first Android mobile apps

  •    Kotlin

Read the official announcement of Wendy to learn more about what it does and why to use it. Wendy is an Android library designed to help you make your app offline-first. Use Wendy to define sync tasks, then Wendy will run those tasks periodically to keep your app's device offline data in sync with it's online remote storage.

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