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example-app - Example app showcasing the ngrx platform

  •    TypeScript

Example application utilizing @ngrx libraries, showcasing common patterns and best practices. Take a look at the live app. This app is a book collection manager. Using the Google Books API, the user can search for books and add them to their collection. This application utilizes @ngrx/db to persist the collection across sessions; @ngrx/store to manage the state of the app and to cache requests made to the Google Books API; @angular/router to manage navigation between routes; @ngrx/effects to isolate side effects.

platform - Reactive libraries for Angular

  •    TypeScript

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AngularAI - Angular 5 AI (Speech works only in localhost)

  •    TypeScript

A small AI application containing Angular 5, Material and Dialogflow.Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Feel free to place an issue.

game-music-player - All your music are belong to us

  •    TypeScript

A open-source music player that uses the latest 🔥 web technology. A playlist I enjoyed a lot to listen to during work (read more in the credits section) inspired me to start this project. This way it can be extended and improved while experimenting latest techs and learn from it. Would be great if this project can grow to a well implemented PWA built with Ionic that does one thing well and decreases the gap for other developers to start/bootstrap their own.

Angular-NodeJS-MongoDB-CustomersService - Code for the Integrating Angular with Node

  •    TypeScript

This is code used in the Integrating Angular with Node.js RESTful Services course available at Pluralsight.com.

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