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LKImageKit - A high-performance image framework, including a series of capabilities such as image views, image downloader, memory caches, disk caches, image decoders and image processors

  •    Objective-C

The framework has a high degree of scalability. In this framework, developers can customize any part of the picture frame, such as: custom picture display logic, custom cache, custom downloader, custom decoders, Custom image processing algorithms and more.

dna - dna, dart native access

  •    Dart

dart native access. A lightweight dart to native super channel plugin, You can use it to invoke any native code directly in dart code. NativeContext: You can use it to describe Native code by Dart code, then call context.execute() to execute the final Native code on associated platform and get the returned value.

XHToast - 简洁轻便提示工具,一行代码既可完成提示信息显示 - 支持自定义显示位置及停留时间

  •    Objective-C

简洁轻便提示工具,一行代码既可完成提示信息显示 - 支持自定义显示位置及停留时间

XHWebImageAutoSize - 网络图片尺寸、高度自适应/适配 - 支持异步缓存imageSize , 支持动态刷新界面

  •    Objective-C

网络图片尺寸、高度自适应/适配 - 支持异步缓存imageSize , 支持动态刷新界面

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