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tailwind - 🔥 A schematic that adds Tailwind CSS to Angular applications

  •    TypeScript

This schematic will add Tailwind CSS to your Angular application. IMPORTANT for AngularCLI users: As of April 06 2021, create-nx-workspace@latest still generates Angular with AngularCLI 11.0.7 which does not have built-in TailwindCSS support. Please update AngularCLI by running ng update @angular/cli before running this schematics.

template-nativescript-nx - NativeScript template for Nx workspace https://nrwl.io/nx

  •    TypeScript

This template creates a NativeScript app for use within an Nx workspace. It provides several best practices out of the box. You can create a new app that uses this template with the --template option. All {N} apps should be created withing the apps directory of the Nx workspace.

Brew.js - C++ high-level JavaScript API for Nintendo homebrew

  •    C

All of them return a execution result, which has information such as if there was any error or the result's type. For more specific information, check the documentation of the different C++ elements.

nx-completion - Nx Devtools completion plugin for Zsh.

  •    Shell

Note: jq is a lightweight command-line JSON processor, more info here. This project is MIT licensed.

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