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gophernotes - The Go kernel for Jupyter notebooks and nteract.

  •    Go

Acknowledgements - This project utilizes a Go interpreter called gomacro under the hood to evaluate Go code interactively. The gophernotes logo was designed by the brilliant Marcus Olsson and was inspired by Renee French's original Go Gopher design. Important Note - gomacro relies on the plugin package when importing third party libraries. This package works reliably on Mac OS X only with Go 1.10.2+ as long as you never execute the command strip gophernotes. If you can only compile gophernotes with Go <= 1.10.1 on Mac, consider using the Docker install and run gophernotes/Jupyter in Docker.

hydrogen - :atom: Run code interactively, inspect data, and plot

  •    Javascript

Hydrogen is an interactive coding environment that supports Python, R, JavaScript and other Jupyter kernels. Checkout our Documentation and Medium blog post to see what you can do with Hydrogen.

nteract - 📘 The interactive computing suite for you! ✨

  •    Javascript

nteract is first and foremost a dynamic tool to give you flexibility when writing code, exploring data, and authoring text to share insights about the data. Edit code, write prose, and visualize.

papermill - 📚 Parameterize, execute, and analyze notebooks

  •    Python

Papermill is a tool for parameterizing, executing, and analyzing Jupyter Notebooks. To parameterize your notebook designate a cell with the tag parameters.

spawnteract - :children_crossing: Spawn Jupyter Kernels

  •    Javascript

Spawn yourself a Jupyter kernel backend. spawnteract will automatically delete the connection file after the kernel process exits or errors out.

bookstore - 📚 Notebook storage workflows for the masses

  •    Python

This repository provides tooling and workflow recommendations for storing, scheduling, and publishing notebooks. Every save of a notebook creates an immutable copy of the notebook on object storage.

commuter - 🚎 Migrated to nteract/nteract

  •    Javascript

/kəˈmyo͞odər/ a person who travels some distance to work on a regular basis. Like commuters, our data travels around too. Sometimes we need a notebook at work and other times at a client's site. Wherever and whenever you need your notebooks, commuter has you covered.

docs - 🏖 User written and user focused documentation for working with nteract! Join us!

  •    HTML

nteract is an ecosystem of React components, JavaScript packages, and applications built on top of the Jupyter specification that enhances interactive computing and data science workflows.

examples - Example nteract notebooks with links to execution on mybinder.org

  •    Jupyter

Go ahead and give these notebooks a try. This repository has collections of nteract notebooks to try out on Binder. Click the link of an individual example or the language heading for a bundle of notebooks.

ick - :izakaya_lantern: Interactive Console Experiments

  •    Javascript

ick is an interactive console for Jupyter written in node.js. Make sure you have zmq headers for your platform, following the instructions from enchannel-zmq-backend..

react-jupyter-display-area - :bar_chart: Jupyter Display Area as a React Component

  •    Javascript

Render Jupyter notebook outputs in a trim little React component. ⚠️ This package has been deprecated in favor of @nteract/display-area.

create-nteract-app - :zap: Create an nteractive application with zero configuration

  •    Javascript

Create an nteractive application backed by next.js, mybinder and react with zero configuration. Create an nteract app and run the development server.

scrapbook - A library for recording and reading data in notebooks.

  •    Python

THE scrapbook library records a notebook’s data values and generated visual content as "scraps". Recorded scraps can be read at a future time. Notebook users may wish to record data produced during a notebook's execution. This recorded data, scraps, can be used at a later time or passed in a workflow to another notebook as input.

semiotic-docs - Docs for using Semiotic

  •    Javascript

Semiotic is a data visualization framework for React. It provides three types of frames XYFrame, OrdinalFrame, NetworkFrame, to deploy a wide variety of charts.