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Multiple-Dates-Picker-for-jQuery-UI - MDP is a little plugin that enables jQuery UI calendar to manage multiple dates

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This plugin extends the jQuery UI datepicker clendar, allowing to select more than one date, picking them one by one or by ranges relative to the clicked date. Take a look at some demos.

uikit - 🛠 Component code and tests for the design system

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The UI-Kit for the Australian Government Design System. The GOV.AU UI-Kit is distributed through the npm ecosystem and can only be installed through the npm command. Npm requires node.js and the UI-Kit needs a node.js 5 or higher.

pkgmirror - Packages Mirroring

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Please note, if you only need to proxy packagist, please consider Toran Proxy as a strong alternative.

node-red-contrib-npm - Node-RED node allowing NPM modules to be dynamically exposed as custom nodes.

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Node-RED node allowing NPM modules to be dynamically exposed as custom nodes. Open the Editor panel to configure the NPM module to expose. NPM module name must the package identifier in the NPM registry. When the flow is deployed, the package will be automatically downloaded and installed. Status information will show you when the node is ready to receive messages.

npmtooling - This is the repository for my course, Tooling with NPM Scripts on LinkedIn Learning and Lynda

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While Gulp, Grunt, and Bower are great tools, Node.js offers an alternative for implementing build processes: npm and your package.json file. npm (node package manager) is all about creating custom scripts for common development and production tasks. You can write npm scripts to process and compress code, create services, minify images, and automate all sorts of build tasks. This course shows you how. Join Ray Villalobos as he walks through the advantages—and few disadvantages—of working with npm scripts and the steps for scripting different development and build tasks. Even if you don't use npm for your own processes, many Node.js packages come with npm scripts built in. This is a great course to help you understand how they work. This repository has branches for each of the videos in the course. You can use the branch pop up menu in github to switch to a specific branch and take a look at the course at that stage. Or you can simply add /tree/BRANCH_NAME to the URL to go to the branch you want to peek at.


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cssparser.js is a parser that generates json matched with source css structure. Just want to use cssparser.js? Nothing needed.

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