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awesome-scifi - Sci-Fi worth consuming


For fantasy books, see awesome-fantasy.Please read the Contributing Guidelines before contributing.

janeaustenr - An R Package for Jane Austen's Complete Novels :orange_book:

  •    R

There is also a function austen_books() that returns a tidy data frame of all 6 novels. Users should be aware that there are some differences in usage between the novels as made available by Project Gutenberg. For example, "anything" vs. "any thing", "Mr" vs. "Mr.", and using underscores vs. all caps to indicate italics/emphasis.

Edward-the-App - Write your first novel.

  •    Javascript

Write your first novel. npm run dev serves the front-end site on port 8080. npm run server-dev runs the API server on port 3000. Run these in separate console windows, and API requests will automatically be proxied from port 8080 to port 3000.