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NoteBook in Silverlight

NoteBook in Silverlight Unfinish, please don't download the source code.


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atom-textual-velocity - :memo: Textual Velocity - Notational Velocity-like note taking for Atom

For those of you who used Notational Velocity or nvAlt should feel right at home: it's intended to be an alternative to those applications but with the benefits of the Atom ecosystem. Use the Textual Velocity: Start Session command to get started, the package is lazy loaded.

video-transcript-note - [electron] HTML5 Video viewer + Ruby translate transcript + Markdown note.

HTML5 Video viewer + Ruby Translate transcript + Markdown Note. This app build top on electron.

audio-notes - Note frequencies for equal-tempered scale

Provides note frequencies for equal-tempered scale. Available on NPM.

nvatom - nvatom (unpublished from atom.io)

It has been longer than a year since this package has not been maintained properly. I don't think I can keep with Atom's development cycle. I also faced a performance issue as the size of text files grow, making this package less and less usable. I also appologize the ambiguous naming for nvatom, which is short for Notational Velocity for Atom. Zachary Schneirov, the creator of Notation Velocity, contacted me that some people may mistakenly believe that this package is an official component or sub-project of Notational Velocity. I want to make it clear that this project was NOT affiliated with Notational Velocity.