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pika - Pika is a nosql compatible with redis, it is developed by Qihoo's DBA and infrastructure team

  •    C++

Upgrade your gcc to version at least 4.8 to get C++11 support.If it comes to some missing libs, install them according to the prompts and retry it.

speedtables - Speed tables is a high-performance memory-resident database

  •    Perl

Speed tables is a high-performance memory-resident database. The speed table compiler reads a table definition and generates a set of C access routines to create, manipulate and search tables containing millions of rows. Currently oriented towards Tcl. Licensed under BSD Copyright.

Iron - Fast and easy to use NoSQL data storage with RxJava support

  •    Java

Apply apt plugin in your application gradle build file. Use the @Store annotation on any plain old Java object.

libfpta - Fast Positive Tables - ultra fast, compact, Embedded Database for tabular and semistructured data

  •    C++

Fast Positive Tables, aka "Позитивные Таблицы" by Positive Technologies -- Ultra fast, compact, embedded database for tabular and semistructured data: multiprocessing with zero-overhead, full ACID semantics with MVCC, variety of indexes, saturation, sequences and much more. The Future will Positive. Всё будет хорошо.

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