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Mio - Metal IO library for Rust

  •    Rust

Mio is a lightweight I/O library for Rust with a focus on adding as little overhead as possible over the OS abstractions. This is a low level library, if you are looking for something easier to get started with Tokio. Its feature include Non-blocking TCP and UDP, I/O event queue backed by epoll, kqueue, and IOCP.

ws-machine - WS-Machine is a websocket finite state machine for client websocket connections (Go)

  •    Go

WS-Machine is a finite state machine for client websocket connections for Go. A caller just needs to provide a websocket URL and after that the state machine takes care of the connection. I.e. it connects to the server, reads/writes websocket messages, keeps the connection alive with pings, reconnects when the connection closes, waits when a connection attempt fails, etc. Under the hood the library uses gorilla/websocket to handle raw websocket connections.

byte-stream - A non-blocking stream abstraction for PHP based on Amp.

  •    PHP

amphp/byte-stream is a stream abstraction to make working with non-blocking I/O simple. This package can be installed as a Composer dependency.

concurrent-writer - Highly concurrent drop-in replacement for bufio.Writer

  •    Go

Highly concurrent drop-in replacement for bufio.Writer. concurrent.Writer implements highly concurrent buffering for an io.Writer object. In particular, writes will not block while a Flush() call is in progress as long as enough buffer space is available.