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graphql-starwars - An example GraphQL server using node.js

  •    Javascript

This is an example GraphQL server using the Star Wars data bundled with Facebook's reference implementation, GraphQL.js. It is built with express, node.js, and ES6.You will now have a GraphQL endpoint at http://localhost:8080/. If you visit the URL using a browser, you will see a live GraphiQL IDE which you can use for querying. The same URL also serves as a JSON endpoint for graphql queries.

slice - A JavaScript implementation of Python's negative indexing and extended slice syntax.

  •    Javascript

If you know Python, then you're probably well aware of how pleasant Python's indexing and slice syntax make working with lists and strings (and you can skip ahead to For People Who Know Python Already if you want). If not—well, you're in for a treat! Slice adds SliceArray and SliceString classes which extend the corresponding builtin types to provide a unified and concise syntax for indexing and slicing in JavaScript. For starters, negative indices can be used to count backwards from the end of an array or string.

armory-services - 🛡 Guild Wars 2 Armory Services | api.gw2armory.com

  •    Javascript

tl;dr -> develop with npm run tdd and npm run tdd:int, use npm run dev to run local environment. Ensure any database migration is backwards compatible with a previous version of the api. This will keep deployments simple and clean.