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MQTT.js - The MQTT client for Node.js and the browser

  •    Javascript

MQTT.js is a client library for the MQTT protocol, written in JavaScript for node.js and the browser.MQTT.js is an OPEN Open Source Project, see the Contributing section to find out what this means.

node-geocoder - nodejs geocoding library

  •    Javascript

Node Geocoder, node geocoding library, supports google maps, mapquest, open street map, tom tom, promise

protagonist - Protagonist is Node.js wrapper for the API Blueprint parser

  •    C++

Protagonist is a Node.js wrapper for the Drafter library. API Blueprint is Web API documentation language. You can find API Blueprint documentation on the API Blueprint site.

hazelcast-nodejs-client - Hazelcast IMDG Node.js Client

  •    TypeScript

NOTE: This project is currently in active development. This document explains Node.js client for Hazelcast which uses Hazelcast's Open Client Protocol 1.6. This client works with Hazelcast 3.6 and higher.


  •    Javascript

List of packages needed for development. method-override - Lets you use HTTP verbs such as PUT or DELETE in places where the client doesn't support it.