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grunt-nw-builder - Let you build your node-webkit apps for mac, win and linux with grunt

  •    Javascript

Let's you build your NW.js apps for osx, win, and linux with grunt. It will download the prebuilt binaries for a specify version, unpacks it, creates a release folder, create the app.nw file for a specified directory and copys the app.nw file where it belongs.Issues with the output should be reported on the nw-builder issue tracker.


  •    C++

NW.js is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js. You can write native apps in HTML and JavaScript with NW.js. It also lets you call Node.js modules directly from the DOM and enables a new way of writing native applications with all Web technologies.It was created in the Intel Open Source Technology Center.

shadowsocks-gui - Shadowsocks GUI client

  •    CoffeeScript

shadowsocks client with GUI

react-desktop - React UI Components for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10

  •    Javascript

React UI Components for macOS High Sierra and Windows 10. I am looking for developers to help me develop this project. Please submit some ideas in the issues section or some PRs to get this project going. If you are interested, you can become a collaborator on the project. Thanks.

node-webkit-updater - node-webkit autoupdater

  •    Javascript

Hi, I cant support this package since not working with NW anymore. So I would love to give the project out to somebody who cares. Contact me on twitter @edjafarov. This is node-webkit-updater.

nw-desktop-notifications - Simple cross platform desktop notifications for node-webkit

  •    Javascript

A simple system for creating desktop notifications for node-webkit applications.

blog-automate-nwjs-ui-testing - the code for this: http://blog

  •    Javascript

the code for this: http://blog.yanivkessler.com/2015/03/21/automate-nwjs-ui-testing/ blog post

nw-ninja - A minimalistic NW.js starter project for ninjas

  •    Javascript

There are two configuration contexts, one for the nw-ninja envelope and one for the actual application.


  •    Javascript

An installer for nw.js.nw.js is an app runtime based on Chromium and io.js. For building desktop applications that will run on OSX, Windows and Linux.

mpv.js - :movie_camera: mpv pepper plugin

  •    C++

In order to try mpv.js you need to install mpv library first.Package includes prebuilt binaries for all major platforms so no need to setup compilers.

github-reader - [node-webkit] GitHub client app - Viewer for Notifications and News Feed.

  •    Javascript

Built with node-webkit. examples/user-filter-example.js: ignore "coveralls" account.

nodewebkit - :computer: An installer for node-webkit

  •    Javascript

An installer for node-webkit. node-webkit is an app runtime based on Chromium and node.js. For building desktop applications that will run on OSX, Windows and Linux.

nwglobal - Node.js globals for node-webkit's HTML5

  •    Javascript

This Node.js module (nwglobal) provides a workaround for node-webkit's issues #702, #716, #832. These issues happen in node-webkit because, as the modules run in Node context, the constructors of their global objects (such as Date or ArrayBuffer or even Array) differ from WebKit's.

node-webkit-desktop-notification - node-webkit-desktop-notification

  •    Javascript

see this first. This is proper desktop notifications for node-webkit.

node-webkit-screenshot - Create screenshots using node-webkit

  •    Javascript

Delay capturing the screenshot. Useful when the site does things after load that you want to capture.

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