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lambdaws - Deploy, run and get results from Amazon AWS Lambda in a breeze

  •    Javascript

Using Amazon's Lambda Service, Lambdaws cloudifies any JavaScript function — including existing libraries — with no extra code. It removes the friction you get when using AWS Lambda directly. The goal of Lambdaws is to make it trivial to build highly scalable, highly available applications. λ takes an inline asynchronous function and deploy it to AWS Lambda. If you call cloudedCalculator it will run in the cloud.

node-lambda-babel-template - A minimal template for an ES2015+ Node

  •    Javascript

This project adds webpack and Babel to @motdotla's node-lambda-template so you can run the lastest version of Javascript on AWS Lambda. babel-preset-latest is automatically included, but you can easily add additional presets and plugins.

alexa-libby - A skill to ask Alexa about your Movie and TV Show library queues.

  •    Javascript

Ask Alexa about your Movie and TV Show library queues. You can read more about how the project works on the Wiki.

serverless-plugin-browserifier - Reduce the size and speed up your Node

  •    Javascript

A Serverless v1 plugin that uses Browserify to bundle your Node.js Lambda functions. This project has been forked from the original serverless-plugin-browserify by Ryan Pendergast and published under a different name.

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