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nodock - Docker Compose for Node projects with Node, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, NGINX, Apache2, Memcached, Certbot and RabbitMQ images

  •    Shell

The docker Node.js image is very simple, you give it an entrypoint and it runs it. This is fine for very simple/small scripts but for larger projects you'll probably want something a bit more robust. The goal of NoDock is to provide a complete environment for your node project: Node.js service(s), databases, web servers, queues, etc. while doing the "wiring" for you.

node-docker-secrets - Converts Docker Secrets mounted into a container to an object.

  •    Javascript

This NPM module loads Docker secrets from the /run/secrets directory created by Docker Swarm into a JS object for use within Node.js applications.

harbor-master - 🛥️ Harbor Master is a Docker Remote API client written in Node.js

  •    Javascript

Harbor Master is a Docker Remote API client written in Node. This client is meant to be a simple wrapper that makes it easy to communicate with your Docker Daemon over the unix socket or http based APIs. This project is still in active development. This project will be versioned in accordance with the Docker Remote API. For example, if the current Docker Remote API version is 1.32, Harbor Master's version will be 1.32.x.

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