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NLog - NLog - Advanced .NET, .NET Standard, Silverlight and Xamarin Logging

  •    CSharp

NLog is a free logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. It makes it easy to produce and manage high-quality logs for your application regardless of its size or complexity.It can process diagnostic messages emitted from any .NET language, augment them with contextual information, format them according to your preference and send them to one or more targets such as file or database.

Sentinel - Log Viewer

  •    CSharp

Sentinel is a log-viewer (implemented in WPF) with configurable filtering and highlighting (foreground/background colours). A classification system allows messages to be parsed and recomposed prior to display. Includes support for being a log4net UDP Appender target.



MSBuild task for adding some logging to your application. Inject calls to Log.Trace at the beginning of each method. Integrates with nlog, log4net or your custom logger class within your assembly

ReflectInsight - Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library & Debug/Trace


Log Viewer for NLog, Log4net, Enterprise Library and Debug/Trace by using ReflectInsight logging extensions; the next generation in application logging.

NLog - Advanced .NET Logging

  •    DotNet

NLog is a logging platform for .NET with rich log routing and management capabilities. It uses familar logger pattern known from log4xxx. NLog is very easy to use and configure. Advanced routing options include buffering, asynchronous logging, load balancing, failover, and more.

ApplicationInsights-dotnet-logging - .NET Logging adaptors

  •    CSharp

If you use NLog, log4Net or System.Diagnostics.Trace for diagnostic tracing in your application, you can have your logs sent to Application Insights, where you can explore and search them. Your logs will be merged with the other telemetry coming from your application, so that you can identify the traces associated with servicing each user request, and correlate them with other events and exception reports.Application Insights Documentation.


  •    CSharp

It attaches to Component Registration and creates logger for requested type.It is useful when ILogger resolved from Service Locator.


  •    CSharp

NLog provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging; .NET Core. ASP.NET Core users should install NLog.Web.AspNetCore.Routes .NET Core log messages to NLog.

NLog.Owin.Logging - NLog logging adapter for OWIN

  •    CSharp

If you'd like to customize this translation table you can supply a Func<TraceEventType, LogLevel> to the extension above.

NLog.Web - NLog targets specific for Web: ASP.NET & ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

These packages are extensions to NLog.The packages contain targets and layout-renderes specific to ASP.NET (Core), MVC and IIS.

NLog.Windows.Forms - NLog targets specific for Windows.Forms

  •    CSharp

This package is an extension to NLog.When installing with Nuget, no additional configuration is needed.

NLog.Targets.Splunk - A NLog target for Splunk Http Event Collector (HEC) Sender

  •    CSharp

Feel free to tweet @alanbarber for questions or comments on the code. You can also submit a GitHub issue here.

NLog.StructuredLogging.Json - Structured logging for NLog using Json (formerly known as JsonFields)

  •    CSharp

Structured logging with NLog. Generates log entries as JSON. These can .e.g. be sent to Kibana over NXLog. for each LogEventInfo message, render one JSON object with any parameters as properties.

nlog-targets-seq - An NLog target that writes events to Seq. Built for NLog 4.5+.

  •    CSharp

An NLog target that writes events to Seq. The target takes full advantage of the structured logging support in NLog 4.5 to provide hassle-free filtering, searching and analysis. The BufferingWrapper ensures that writes to Seq do not block the application.

AspNetCoreNlog - ASP.NET Core NLog MS SQL Server PostgreSQL MySQL Elasticsearch

  •    CSharp

This article shows how to setup logging in an ASP.NET Core application which logs to a Microsoft SQL Server using NLog. The NLog.Web.AspNetCore Nuget package is added to the dependencies in the csproj file.

logzio-dotnet - Logz.io shippers for .NET frameworks, currently including log4net and NLog.

  •    CSharp

This repository contains the Logz.io shippers for .NET frameworks, currently including log4net and NLog.

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