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lanproxy - lanproxy是一个将局域网个人电脑、服务器代理到公网的内网穿透工具,目前仅支持tcp流量转发,可支持任何tcp上层协议(访问内网网站、本地支付接口调试、ssh访问、远程桌面

  •    Java


ngrok - Expose your localhost to the web. Node wrapper for ngrok.

  •    Javascript

Then use ngrok.connect() to start ngrok and open a tunnel. This module uses node>=10.19.0 with async/await. For a callback-based version use 2.3.0.

nutzmore - 让Nutz更好用

  •    Javascript

Nutz, which is a collections of lightweight frameworks, each of them can be used independently

easy-sauce - Easily run JavaScript unit tests on the Sauce Labs cloud.

  •    Javascript

Easy Sauce is a Node.js library that makes it easy to run JavaScript unit tests on the Sauce Labs cloud. For a detailed explanation of how automated, cross-browser JavaScript unit testing works, and the motivation behind Easy Sauce, see the article Learning How to Set Up Automated, Cross-browser JavaScript Unit Testing.

docker-ngrok - An Ngrok v2 container based on wizardapps/ngrok and fnichol/ngrok

  •    Shell

A Docker image for ngrok v2, introspected tunnels to localhost. It's based on the excellent work of wizardapps/ngrok and fnichol/ngrok. To see command-line options, run docker run --rm wernight/ngrok ngrok --help.

grunt-ngrok - Exposes localhost to the web

  •    Javascript

Exposes local port to the web. Run this task with the grunt ngrok command.

ember-share - An Ember addon to share your local Ember apps with the world using ngrok (https://ngrok

  •    Javascript

Share your local Ember apps with the world using ngrok. No additional software installation is required once the Ember CLI addon is installed. To share your site, simply run ember share, which behaves like ember serve. A publicly accessible URL will be inserted into your clipboard that is ready to paste directly into your browser.

fwd - 🚂 The little forwarder that could

  •    Go

fwd is a network port forwarder written in golang. It's cross platform, supports multiple architectures and it's dead simple to use.

turi-create-movie-recommender - Creating a movie recommendation system for iOS with Turi Create

  •    Swift

This code pattern is an iOS Application that helps you find new movies to watch! It's been built to show you how you can use Turi Create, Apple's new deep learning framework, to build amazing recommendation systems very quickly, locally, on your machine - in under 2 minutes training time. It'll download the data and move the files to their relevant locations.

learn-ngrok - :cloud: Learn how to use ngrok to share access to a Web App/Site running on your "localhost" with the world!

  •    HTML

ngrok is a small piece of software that lets you run a web application on your local computer and (securely) share it with the world on a public address ("URL"). Anyone working on a Web App/Site and needs a quick/easy way to show or test it without "deploying" it. e.g: you are actively developing something and deploying it to Heroku would be too time consuming.

boast - I want track all HTTP requests, and replay it easily.

  •    Go

Download the latest binary file from the Releases page.

tnnlink - Simple HTTP tunnel using SSH remote port forwarding

  •    Go

Simple HTTP tunneling using SSH, authorized using github public keys. Self-hosted ngrok alternative.

zuul-ngrok - An ngrok tunnel implementation for Zuul

  •    Javascript

Uses ngrok as a tunneling service to run Zuul exposed to the world, also used when running tests in Saucelabs. Any ngrok node module options can be specified in .zuul.yml in the tunnel section. For details see the module pages.

tunneller - Allow internal services, running on localhost, to be accessed over the internet..

  •    Go

Tunneller allows you to expose services which are running on localhost, or on your local network, to the public internet. This is very useful for testing webhooks, the generation of static-site compilers, and similar things.

ngrok-script - A script to run local ngrok client for linux and windows

  •    Shell

This ngrok server is using http://ngrok.2bdata.com which is totally free.


  •    Python

This tutorial will guide you on how to build your first USSD app. First of all, we need to create a Virtual environment using a tool known as virtualenv. It is highly recommended and best practice to create a virtual environment before you begin any Python project. Virtualenv isolates your Python set-up on a per-project basis. This means that changes made to one Python project won’t affect another Python project.

Grok-backdoor - Simple python backdoor with Ngrok tunnel support

  •    Python

Grok-backdoor is a simple python based backdoor, it uses Ngrok tunnel for the communication. Ngrok-backdoor can generate windows, linux and mac binaries using Pyinstaller. All the code provided on this repository is for educational/research purposes only. Any actions and/or activities related to the material contained within this repository is solely your responsibility. The misuse of the code in this repository can result in criminal charges brought against the persons in question. Author will not be held responsible in the event any criminal charges be brought against any individuals misusing the code in this repository to break the law.