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eNMS - A vendor-agnostic NMS designed for network automation

  •    Python

eNMS is an open source web application designed to help automate networks graphically. Nodes and links can be created either one by one by specifying all properties manually, or all at once by importing an Excel spreadsheet. Once created, all objects are displayed in a sortable and searchable table, from which they can be edited and deleted. The dashboard provides a graphical overview of all objects with dynamic charts.

xrgrpc - gRPC library for Cisco IOS XR

  •    Go

Minimalistic library to interact with IOS XR devices using the gRPC framework. Look at the IOS XR proto file for the description of the service interface and the structure of the payload messages. gRPC uses protocol buffers as the Interface Definition Language (IDL). CLI examples to use the library are provided in the example folder. The CLI specified in the examples is not definitive and might change as we go.

pyNMS - A vendor-agnostic NMS for carrier-grade network simulation and automation

  •    Python

Maps can be displayed in pyNMS to draw all network devices at their exact location (longitude and latitude), using the mercator or azimuthal orthographic projections. Networks can be exported as a .KML file to be displayed on Google Earth, with the same icons and link colors as in pyNMS.