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DiagrammeR - Graph and network visualization using tabular data in R

  •    R

With the DiagrammeR package you can create, modify, analyze, and visualize network graph diagrams. The output can be incorporated into RMarkdown documents, integrated with Shiny web apps, converted to other graph formats, or exported as image files. This package is made possible by the htmlwidgets R package, which provides an easy-to-use framework for bringing together R and JavaScript.

dash-cytoscape - Interactive network visualization in Python and Dash, powered by Cytoscape.js

  •    Python

A Dash component library for creating interactive and customizable networks in Python, wrapped around Cytoscape.js. If you want to install the latest versions, check out the Dash docs on installation.

graphpath - Graphpath generates an ASCII network diagram from the route table of a Unix/Linux

  •    Shell

Graphpath generates an ASCII network diagram from the route table of a Unix/Linux router. It's a BSDRP's tool. None: it's just a shell script using standards tools (route, arp, ifconfig on *BSD and ip on Linux).

openwisp-network-topology - OpenWISP 2 Network Topology module

  •    Python

OpenWISP 2 network topology module (built using Python and Django web-framework). Note that the EXTENDED_APPS may contain other names (if you installed other modules), in that case you should just add django_netjsongraph.

graphping - Ping a list of endpoints and write the results to statsd

  •    Go

You need to specify the address of the statsd listener you want to send metrics to. This is in string format, including port number.

IGraphM - IGraph/M is an igraph interface for Mathematica

  •    Mathematica

The IGraph/M package provides a Mathematica interface to the popular igraph network analysis and graph theory package, as well as many other functions for working with graphs in Mathematica. Check out the blog post for an overview. First, note that the system requirements are Mathematica 10.0.2 or later, 64-bit Windows/macOS/Linux, or Raspberry Pi.

DiagrammeR-examples - A collection of DiagrammeR examples


A collection of DiagrammeR examples as RMarkdown documents. Simply get the files and try out the functions.

EpiModel - Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics

  •    R

Tools for simulating mathematical models of infectious disease dynamics. Epidemic model classes include deterministic compartmental models, stochastic agent-based models, and stochastic network models. Network models use the robust statistical methods of exponential-family random graph models (ERGMs) from the Statnet suite of software packages in R. Standard templates for epidemic modeling include SI, SIR, and SIS disease types. EpiModel features an easy API for extending these templates to address novel scientific research aims. Additional contributors to the EpiModel package include Emily Beylerian, Skye Bender-deMoll, and Kevin Weiss.

EpiModelHIV - Network Models of HIV Transmission Dynamics among MSM and Heterosexuals

  •    R

An R package for simulating HIV transmission dynamics among men who have sex with men and heterosexual populations, developed as an extension to our general network-based epidemic modeling platform, EpiModel. EpiModel and EpiModelHIV use the statistical framework of temporal exponential-family random graph models to fit and simulate models of dynamic networks. These statistical methods have been developed and implemented as open-source software, building on the extensive efforts of the Statnet research group to build software tools for the representation, analysis, and visualization of complex network data.

react-cytoscapejs - React component for Cytoscape.js network visualisations

  •    Javascript

The react-cytoscapejs package is an MIT-licensed React component for network (or graph, as in graph theory) visualisation. The component renders a Cytoscape graph. Most props of this component are Cytoscape JSON.

Quark - Quark is a data visualization framework.

  •    Javascript

Quark is a data visualization framework. Touch events on tablet and mobile are currently supported as beta features.

UpDown-Meter - :chart_with_upwards_trend: Network activity graph.

  •    CSharp

UpDown Meter graphs network activity for a specific network adapter. It is deliberately designed to consume trace memory and processor time, so it can run as long as the system runs, providing an overview of how the connection is being used. When UpDown Meter is first run we see a prompt to choose a network adapter.

networkx.rb - A Ruby implementation of Python's well known Graph library "networkx"

  •    Ruby

NetworkX is a very popular Python library, that handles various use-cases of the Graph Data Structure. This project intends to provide a working alternative to the Ruby community, by closely mimicing as many features as possible. This project has begun just now, and a v0.1.0 release with basic Graph classes can be expected by January 2018.

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