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pid-from-port - Get PID from a port

  •    Javascript

Port to lookup. Returns a Promise<Map> with the port as key and the PID as value.

api-routerd - REST API based Monitoring and System/Network Management

  •    Go

api-routerd is a cloud-enabled, mobile-ready, a super light weight remote management tool which uses REST API for real time configuration and performance as well as health monitoring for systems (containers) and applications. It provides fast API based monitoring without affecting the system it's running on. First configure your $GOPATH. If you have already done this skip this step.

histstat - history for netstat

  •    Python

This is a cross-platform command line tool for obtaining live, rudimentary network connection data on a computer system. This tool was designed for network and security analysts to easily view connections on a system as they occur. It will display useful information about network connections that utilities like netstat typically won't give you such as what time the connection was made, the exact command that created the connection, and the user that connection was made by. Note for Windows users: Detailed process information will not display unless you're running as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. An easy way to drop into a system-level command prompt is to use PsExec from SysInternals. Run psexec -i -s cmd.exe as Administrator and then run histstat.

lstf - The Linux netlink-based TCP connection flow printer

  •    Go

lstf prints host flows (aggregated network connection flows to the same source or destination ports) by Linux netlink and enables you to simply grasp the network relationship between localhost and other hosts. Sort flows by the number of connection.

win-netstat - windows netstat implementation in Golang.

  •    Go

windows netstat implementation in Golang.

Get-NetworkConnection - Edited version of Lee Christensen's Get-NetworkConnection which includes timestamp for each network connection

  •    PowerShell

Get-NetworkConnection is a PowerShell script used to return current TCP and UDP connections, originally developed by Lee Christensen (@tifkin_) This is an edited version of the script which also includes a Timestamp for each connection. Additional reading material on the addition of timestamps evidence to the tool, can be found in our blog - Why and How to Extract Network Connection Timestamps for DFIR Investigations.

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