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falcor - A JavaScript library for efficient data fetching

  •    Javascript

Falcor is a JavaScript library for efficient data fetching. It lets you represent all your remote data sources as a single domain model via a virtual JSON graph. You code the same way no matter where the data is, whether in memory on the client or over the network on the server.

pollyjs - Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions.

  •    Javascript

Polly.JS is a standalone, framework-agnostic JavaScript library that enables recording, replaying, and stubbing HTTP interactions. Polly taps into native browser APIs to mock requests and responses with little to no configuration while giving you the ability to take full control of each request with a simple, powerful, and intuitive API.

plugin.video.netflix - Inputstream based Netflix plugin for Kodi

  •    Python

Note: The link to download the Widevine Libary for none ARM Systems can be found in the Firefox Sources & needs to be placed in the cdm folder in special://home. Please make sure to read the licence agreement that comes with it, so you know what you´re getting yourself into.

must-watch-javascript - A useful list of must-watch talks about JavaScript


This is a collection of well-received talks about JavaScript, covering topics such as ES6, JavaScript frameworks, client-side apps, mobile integration, JavaScript performance, tooling, leveling up, and more. Like CSS? Check out Must-Watch CSS! For other great lists check out @sindresorhus's curated list of awesome lists.

react-native-netflix - React Native App from my video Course on Youtube

  •    Javascript

React Native App with the same style as Netflix for iOS. I released a serie of videos on Youtube with a walkthrough explaining every part of this application. A few components must be installed with react-native link check out the following list.

PiPTool - Add the Picture-in-Picture Functionality to YouTube, Netflix, Plex and other video broadcasting services in macOS Sierra

  •    Javascript

PiPTool is a Safari 10 extension built to add the Picture-in-Picture functionality to the video players that do not have it implemented. For example, YouTube or DailyMotion don't have the default HTML5 video player, so Safari cannot add the PiP button. This is where PiP Tool comes in place.

Grauenwolf's .NET Wrapper for the Netflix API


This is a .NET Wrapper for the Netflix API. Currently it supports low level requests including OAuth signing. A high level object model is planned.

falcor-restify - Restify Middleware for Hosting Falcor Data Sources.

  •    Javascript

Restify Middleware for Hosting Falcor Data Sources.

falcor-router - A Falcor JavaScript DataSource which creates a Virtual JSON Graph document on your app server

  •    Javascript

A router DataSource constructor for falcor that allows you to model all your cloud data sources as a single JSON resource.

eslint-config-netflix-dea - Shared ESLint config for Netflix DEA JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Shared ESLint config for JavaScript code produced by Netflix's Data Engineering and Analysis group. By adopting a common ESLint config, we hope to encourage consistent style and quality across all of our repos.The lion's share of ESLint configuration should be defined here rather than each project's own .eslintrc. If a project's maintainers want to override some configuration value, they can do it in their own .eslintrc.

proxflix - ProxFlix is yet another smart DNS solution to bypass geo-blocking

  •    Shell

ProxFlix is yet another smart DNS solution to bypass geo-blocking. ProxFlix needs to be installed on a server to the region you are interested. After you start it, change the DNS of your TV to the IP of your server.

spring-cloud-netflix-demo - Spring cloud Demo Project with Zuul, Eureka, Config Server, Ribbon, Sleuth & Zipkin

  •    Java

This is a spring cloud Demo Project with Zuul, Eureka, Ribbon, Sleuth & Zipkin. When you are migrating to a microservice environment you are getting a lot of beneftis and on the other side you need to tackle new challenges.

s3committer - Hadoop output committers for S3

  •    Java

This project has Hadoop OutputCommitter implementations for S3. Callers should use S3DirectoryOutputCommitter for single-directory outputs, or S3PartitionedOutputCommitter for partitioned data.

muvee - μv: (mew-vee) Netflix, for your home. WIP

  •    Ruby

This project is something like Netflix, but run on a server in your own home. It aims to be an open source alternative to Plex. It can attempt to reach out to the Internet to find sources for media that you legally own, but do not yet possess backups of. At the moment, it's a media manager that presents a web UI reminiscent of Netflix. It grabs metadata, posters, and fanart, and displays it all in a nice to consume format from any device in your household.

macos-netflix - A macOS wrapper for Netflix.

  •    Swift

A very simple proof-of-concept app for a WKWebView based app to allow viewing Netflix outside the browser on macOS. The goal is to somewhat allow a picture-in-picture style browsing and watching experience. There's a bunch of similar apps on the Mac App Store, but this one is mine, and the idea is to keep it pretty lightweight (no majorly additive features). Go to the page for the latest release and download the zipped app. You want the file labelled something akin to "Netflix.zip", and not the ones labelled "source code".

spinnaker.github.io-1 - Spinnaker's official site

  •    CSS

Then change any files you like and it will notify you, autorebuild less/html/md, and refresh as necessary. When you're ready to push, just commit everything and push to gh-pages as usual. If you're worried, you can also do a manual rebuild before pushing with gulp build-all.

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