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Chromely - Lightweight Alternative to Electron for .NET/.NET Core HTML5 Desktop Apps

  •    CSharp

Chromely is a lightweight alternative to Electron.NET, Electron for .NET/.NET Core developers. Chromely is a .NET/.NET Core HTML5 Chromium desktop framework. It is focused on building apps based on Xilium.CefGlue, CefSharp implementations of embedded Chromium (Cef) without WinForms or WPF. Chromely uses Windows and Linux native GUI API as "thin" chromium hosts. It can be extended to use WinForms or WPF.

hazelcast-csharp-client - Hazelcast IMDG .NET Client

  •    CSharp

C# client implementation for Hazelcast, the open source in-memory data grid. A comparison of features supported by various clients can be found here. Hazelcast .Net Client supports .Net Framemork 4.0+ and Net Core 2.0+ .

Sieve - ⚗️ Clean & extensible Sorting, Filtering, and Pagination for ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

⚗️ Sieve is a simple, clean, and extensible framework for .NET Core that adds sorting, filtering, and pagination functionality out of the box. Most common use case would be for serving ASP.NET Core GET queries. In this example, consider an app with a Post entity. We'll use Sieve to add sorting, filtering, and pagination capabilities when GET-ing all available posts.

csharp-ovh - Thin wrapper around OVH's APIs

  •    CSharp

Lightweight wrapper around OVH's APIs. Handles all the hard work including credential creation and requests signing. The easiest way to get the latest stable release is to grab it from NuGet.

StrongNetCoreConfig - True strongly type Net core configuration access

  •    F#

True strongly type Net core configuration access. This simple library, provides a hook to use F# Type provides with .net core configuration system. Note this project doesn't actually add anything that wasn't already there in the F# + netcore ecosystem. It just ties together a few concepts.

JWTSimpleServer - A lightweight, dynamic jwt server for ASP.NET Core

  •    CSharp

JWT Simple server arises from the need of having an ease-to-use JWT server in ASP.NET, avoiding the user all the ceremony configuration and providing additional features. Install the standard Nuget package into your ASP.NET Core application.

DWKit - DWKit is a .NET BPM system based on .NET Core and React

  •    CSS

DWKit is a .NET BPM system made with simplicity and flexibility in mind. DWKit allows you to model, automate and execute mission-critical business processes, whatever industry you’re operating in. A ready-made BPM solution is often not enough to satisfy your business requirements. Be it the need to ensure regulatory compliance or to build custom logic that goes beyond what the system has to offer, we believe that making the source code open is the way to go.