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toxic - An ncurses-based Tox client

  •    C

Toxic is a Tox-based instant messenging and video chat client. Running Toxic for the first time creates an empty file called toxic.conf in your home configuration directory ("~/.config/tox" for Linux users). Adding options to this file allows you to enable auto-logging, change the time format (12/24 hour), and much more. You can view our example config file here.

neomutt - :email: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks -- IRC: #neomutt on irc.freenode.net

  •    C

Hopefully this will build the community and reduce duplicated effort. NeoMutt was created when Richard Russon (@FlatCap) took all the old Mutt patches, sorted through them, fixed them up and documented them.

Tig - Text-mode interface for git

  •    C

Tig is an ncurses-based text-mode interface for git. It functions mainly as a Git repository browser, but can also assist in staging changes for commit at chunk level and act as a pager for output from various Git commands. Tig allows you to browse changes in a Git repository and can additionally act as a pager for output of various Git commands. When used as a pager, it will display input from stdin and colorize it.

nvtop - NVIDIA GPUs htop like monitoring tool

  •    C

Nvtop stands for NVidia TOP, a (h)top like task monitor for NVIDIA GPUs. It can handle multiple GPUs and print information about them in a htop familiar way. NVTOP has a builtin setup utility that provides a way to specialize the interface to your needs. Simply press F2 and select the options that are the best for you.

pspg - Postgres Pager

  •    C

Everybody who uses psql uses less pager. It is working well, but there is not any special support for tabular data. I found few projects, but no one was completed for this purpose. I decided to write some small specialized pager for usage as psql pager. This pager can be used from mysql and pgcli clients too.

Cursive - A Text User Interface library for the Rust programming language

  •    Rust

Cursive is a TUI (Text User Interface) library for rust. It uses ncurses by default, but other backends are available. It allows you to build rich user interfaces for terminal applications.

node-ncurses - An ncurses binding for node.js

  •    C++

node-ncurses is an ncurses binding for node.js.Note: Mac OSX users may find themselves encountering bizarre output on their terminals in some situations. This is a known problem and basically requires more frequent Window.refresh()'ing to get everything to display properly.

sngrep - Ncurses SIP Messages flow viewer

  •    C

sngrep is a tool for displaying SIP calls message flows from terminal. It supports live capture to display realtime SIP packets and can also be used as PCAP viewer.

vk - A console client for vk.com

  •    D

vk-cli is mostly abandoned due to lack of time, very poor state of codebase (which definitely needs to be rewritten from scratch) and mainly - due to vk politics which becomes worse from day to day, starting from music, online and ending with advertisements in newsfeed. So we (devs) won't continue to support this project.

chkservice - Systemd units manager with ncurses, terminal interface

  •    C++

chkservice is a tool for managing systemd units in terminal.chkservice require super user privileges to make changes into unit states or sysv scripts. For user it works read-only.

pacmixer - an alsamixer alike for PulseAudio.

  •    Objective-C++

pacmixer is an alsamixer alike for PulseAudio. I started this, because I've found no full-blown, terminal based mixers available for PA. All there are are either CLI or some kinds of GNOME/KDE applets. That's not what I wanted, so in the end I decided to go for it myself.

tremc - Curses interface for transmission

  •    Python

Die python2 die. No new features are planned. If you want something - write the patch.

NCURSES-Programming-HOWTO-examples - CMake examples for code in http://tldp

  •    C

Requires `CMake`_, `ncurses`_ library, C compiler (clang, gcc). You can find ncurses for linux, BSD and OS X with your package manager under names package names like ncurses-devel, libncurses-dev and ncurses.

perl6-ncurses - Perl 6 interface to NCurses library

  •    Perl

NCurses provides a Perl 6 native interface to ncurses library. For more examples, please see the examples folder.

cursesjs - An implementation of ncurses for the web browser

  •    Javascript

curses.js is an attempt at porting the ncurses library to the web browser. ncurses is a library that allows a terminal application to make use of some "visual" settings: color, text alignment on screen, more interactive user input, etc. Examples of applications that use ncurses are Emacs and Vim. For now, only Firefox and Google Chrome are supported.

MacGeiger - MacGeiger - a tool to track down the location of WIFI APs with sound (Geigercounter-like)

  •    C

this tool puts your wireless card into monitor mode, then processes beacon frames from APs to create a list, in which you can navigate with the cursor keys, then select one AP with ENTER. the AP will open in detail view and start to beep. the faster it beeps, the better is the signal of the AP. this is quite handy to adjust directional antennas for the perfect signal without having to stare at a screen, which may be impractical.

hex - Hex viewer

  •    C

hex is yet another hex viewer. It automatically interprets fields within files using a set of Lua scripts, colorizing them and showing descriptions on the side. At the moment there aren’t that many features and we only have a few decoders.

Yukko - The textpunk NNTPchan client

  •    Python

The directory to download attachments to. The command used to open a text editor.

ncurses_guide - Source Code of "Programmer's Guide to NCurses" with improvements and fixes

  •    C

Even though I've never read Gookin's book, I've noticed that his website tarball with C sources is quite useful, as it contains small self-contained programs. To the sources I've added a makefile to make build automated and I've fixed programs which weren't compiling. The result of this will be in book/ and book-ref/ directories with ``.prog'' programs, each one corresponding to its .c file.

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