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javascript - JavaScript Style Guide

  •    Javascript

Note: this guide assumes you are using Babel, and requires that you use babel-preset-airbnb or the equivalent. It also assumes you are installing shims/polyfills in your app, with airbnb-browser-shims or the equivalent.1.1 Primitives: When you access a primitive type you work directly on its value.

swift - Airbnb's Swift Style Guide.

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Note that brevity is not a primary goal. Code should be made more concise only if other good code qualities (such as readability, simplicity, and clarity) remain equal or are improved. You can enable the following settings in Xcode by running this script, e.g. as part of a "Run Script" build phase.

css-styleguide - :book: Opinionated CSS styleguide for scalable applications


This guide was heavily inspired by experiments, awesome people like @fat and @necolas and awesome projects made by Google, Airbnb and Medium. The following are some terms used throughout this styleguide.

Static Analyzer For Integration Services Packages


The parser check Best practice guidelines in Business Intelligence projects. Packages can be studied which are created with Visual Studio 2010.

api - Thoughts on effective API design


Kitsch from Pixabay, CC0 1.0.The aim of this text is to explore API design and try to find strategies and rules that can help us create code libraries that are safe, effective and easy to use.

pcss - Guidelines for writing scalable and maintainable style-sheets

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Pragmatic CSS is a collection of guidelines for writing scalable and maintainable style-sheets. PCSS divides the whole UI into portable and reusable components. Every component is described in a separate CSS (SASS/LESS/etc) module. PCSS's naming convention makes it easier to locate a module corresponding to a problem and encourages developer on producing optimized object-oriented CSS. Component is a reusable module of UI (e.g. nav-bar, panel, form). Component consists of elements (e.g. form__title) and can be extended by subclasses.

gigsib - 📑Golang Is Good, Structure Is Bad

  •    Go

I begin with imports. Nomarlly you just import a package and the last element of the package path would be the package you want to use. You just shadowed the package name with calling a variable baz and you writing baz twice baz.Baz in linguistics terms which is not good (remember DRY!) and probably you'd write a factory function called NewBaz that's even worse.

SwiftCodestyle - Style guide for writing in Swift.

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Краткость кода не является основной целью. Код должен быть кратким только в том случае, если другие важные качества кода (такие как читаемость, простота и ясность) остаются равными или улучшаются. Вы можете добавить эти настройки воспользовавшись этим скриптом, как вариант, его вызов можно добавить в "Run Script" build phase.

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