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kompass - A powerful router for Android, written in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

🛶️ KompassShip is the entity which can route to a certain Destination. This might represent a certain area of your activity where fragments can be loaded: e.g. One Ship can route to views/fragments on the top of the screen while another Ship is able`to display content on the bottom of the screen. You can have as many ships as you want in your App.

SIS-android - kotlin + rxjava2 + rxlifeCycle + dagger2 + mvvm

  •    Kotlin

SNS이다. kotlin, dagger2, rx-java2, rx-lifecycle을 이용한 MVVM 구조로 이루어져 있다. Model쪽은 Repository 패턴을 적용 하였다.

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