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cakephp - CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository

  •    PHP

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like Associative Data Mapping, Front Controller, and MVC. Our primary goal is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility. If you’ve found a security issue in CakePHP, please use the following procedure instead of the normal bug reporting system. Instead of using the bug tracker, mailing list or IRC please send an email to security [at] cakephp.org. Emails sent to this address go to the CakePHP core team on a private mailing list.

Biny - Biny is a tiny, high-performance PHP framework for web applications

  •    PHP

Biny is a high performance lightweight PHP framework. Biny code is simple and elegant. The application layer, data layer, and template rendering layer of the package is simple and easy to understand. This makes it quick to pick up.


  •    DotNet

bootster is a bootstrapper for small/medium sized .net web projects.

Saturn - Opinionated, web development framework for F# which implements the server-side, functional MVC pattern

  •    F#

Saturn is a web development framework written in F# which implements the server-side MVC pattern. Many of its components and concepts will seem familiar to those of us with experience in other web frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Python’s Django. It's heavily inspired by Elixir's Phoenix.

Genie.jl - The highly productive Julia web framework

  •    Julia

Genie is a full-stack MVC web framework that provides a streamlined and efficient workflow for developing modern web applications. It builds on Julia's strengths (high-level, high-performance, dynamic, JIT compiled), exposing a rich API and a powerful toolset for productive web development. Genie is undergoing massive refactoring to fully support Julia v0.7/1.0 and move onto the HTTP stack. Expect that things will break oftenly before being stable.

express-scaffold - Simple sexy scaffold for Express

  •    Javascript

a simple sexy MVC scaffold of Express, supporting Candy and more and more web projects based on Node.js.We recommend using express-scaffold as a server module. by require express-scaffold, you could build a fast and stable website in just 1min.

express-train - express-train, nodejs framework

  •    Javascript

Welcome to Express Train! Express Train is a framework for building applications in nodejs by walking your directory structure, building & resolving an nject dependency tree. You can use express-train to automatically walk your project structure, and process each file as a module in a dependency tree. You may write an index.js to process all application code, skipping public, views, and tests.

keera-hails - Keera Hails: Haskell on Rails - Reactive Programming Framework for Interactive Haskell applications

  •    Haskell

Keera Hails is a toolkit to create Reactive Applications in Haskell. It facilitates combining User Interfaces, external devices, networks connections, files and, optionally, FRP networks. Keera Hails is modular and extensible. It is cross platform (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, iOS, Android, GHCJS), UI-agnostic (Gtk+, WX, Qt, iOS native UIs, Android Native toolkit, HTML DOM), FRP-agnostic and device-agnostic (Wiimote, Webcams, etc).

spludo - Spludo is high performance, evented, server side, prototype based, javascript mvc web framework

  •    Javascript

Spludo is high performance, evented, server side, prototype based, javascript mvc web framework. It includes DI+AOP and a Convention-Over-Configuration Approach. The framework is running on the node.JS-platform, which employs the lightning fast V8-Engine.


  •    Javascript

tupai.js is a minimal and flexible javascript mvc framework. providing a robust set of features for building single and multi-page. Install with npm. If you were not installed node, install node (Joyent, Inc,).

mithril-coat - A minimalistic frontend web framework that builds on Mithril.

  •    Javascript

Mithril Coat is a minimalistic frontend web framework that builds on Mithril. Mithril Coat provides two tools that are meant to be used in conjunction with each other. Mithril Coat requires jQuery and is expected to be used in conjunction with Browserify (we provide a browserify plugin, Coatify to require Mithril Coat templates via Browserify).

sleekjs - Node js MVC Framework by Cubet Techno Labs

  •    Javascript

Sleek.js is an MVC Wrapper Framework implemented from Node.jS, built-in with base dependency on handlebars.js, express.js. Sleek.js architecture follows common format of MVC which makes it easy to handle and build better sites with pluggable modules & themes support. Using Sleek.js we can make powerful websites in Nodejs platform. Sleek.js gives better performance, flexibility and easy maintenance.

hiboot - hiboot is a high performance web and cli application framework with dependency injection support

  •    Go

Hiboot is a cloud native web and cli application framework written in Go. Hiboot is not trying to reinvent everything, it integrates the popular libraries but make them simpler, easier to use. It borrowed some of the Spring features like dependency injection, aspect oriented programming, and auto configuration. You can integrate any other libraries easily by auto configuration with dependency injection support.

trek - 😎 Fast Async Web Framework For Modern Node.js

  •    Javascript

The lightweight app uses with Engine. Likes Koa. The richer app, customize and expand your app.

CPPWebFramework - ​The C++ Web Framework (CWF) is a MVC web framework, Open Source, under MIT License, using C++ with Qt to be used in the development of web applications

  •    C++

​The C++ Web Framework (CWF) is a MVC web framework, Open Source, under MIT License, using C++ with Qt to be used in the development of web applications. The CWF was designed to consume few computational resources, such as memory and processing, and have a low response time for requests. With MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, where you can create classes to take care of the business layer (Model), use CSTL (C++ Server Pages Standard Tag Library) within the Web Pages to take care of data presentation (View) and use the controllers as a between the two layers (Controller). The CWF had inspirations in Java Servlets, JSTL and Spring Framework. The CWF has only one configuration file, called CPPWeb.ini and a policy of using only C++ and Qt in the development of its components in order to avoid the installation of numerous libraries and conflicts, maintain multiplatform characteristics, facilitate installation and keep the learning curve low in order to make web development as simple as possible, even for beginners.

potato-webmvc - :pencil:一个简单的Web MVC框架,寂寞消遣之作~

  •    Java