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iris - The fastest web framework for Go in (THIS) Earth

  •    Go

Iris is a fast, simple and efficient micro web framework for Go. It provides a beautifully expressive and easy to use foundation for your next website, API, or distributed app.Iris may have reached version 8, but we're not stopping there. We have many feature ideas on our board that we're anxious to add and other innovative web development solutions that we're planning to build into Iris.

utron - A lightweight MVC framework for Go

  •    Go

utron is a lightweight MVC framework in Go (Golang) for building fast, scalable and robust database-driven web applications.utron is a lightweight MVC framework. It is based on the principles of simplicity, relevance and elegance.

mini - Just an extremely simple naked PHP application, useful for small projects and quick prototypes

  •    PHP

MINI is an extremely simple and easy to understand skeleton PHP application, reduced to the max. MINI is NOT a professional framework and it does not come with all the stuff real frameworks have. If you just want to show some pages, do a few database calls and a little-bit of AJAX here and there, without reading in massive documentations of highly complex professional frameworks, then MINI might be very useful for you. MINI is easy to install, runs nearly everywhere and doesn't make things more complicated than necessary. For a deeper introduction into MINI have a look into this blog post: MINI, an extremely simple barebone PHP application.

cakephp - CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository

  •    PHP

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like Associative Data Mapping, Front Controller, and MVC. Our primary goal is to provide a structured framework that enables PHP users at all levels to rapidly develop robust web applications, without any loss to flexibility. If you’ve found a security issue in CakePHP, please use the following procedure instead of the normal bug reporting system. Instead of using the bug tracker, mailing list or IRC please send an email to security [at] cakephp.org. Emails sent to this address go to the CakePHP core team on a private mailing list.

Biny - Biny is a tiny, high-performance PHP framework for web applications

  •    PHP

Biny is a high performance lightweight PHP framework. Biny code is simple and elegant. The application layer, data layer, and template rendering layer of the package is simple and easy to understand. This makes it quick to pick up.

Rain Framework - MVC Framework for PHP

  •    PHP

Rain is the MVC framework for PHP, easy to learn and to install. It makes applications easier to create and enable designers and developers to better work together. It is fast and light weight. It is secure, validates input and output. It uses WYSIWYG editor to work with HTML. It uses Rain TPL as its template engine which separates business logic from presentation.

Phiber Framework - Build light-weight lightning-fast PhP applications with Phiber

  •    PHP

PHP's EASY MVC Build light-weight lightning-fast PhP applications with Phiber Framework.

blueprint - Blueprint for your next web application in Go.

  •    Go

Blueprint for your next web application in Go. Blue Jay is a web toolkit for Go. It's a collection of command-line tools and a web blueprint that allows you to easily structure your web application. There is no rigid framework to which you have to conform.

Acamar-Framework - A fast and lightweight MVC PHP framework built around an event based architecture

  •    PHP

The Acamar framework is not intended as a full stack framework and it will never be one. The main purpose of the framework is to provide the minimum code that is required to build a web application that uses the MVC pattern (this ranges from APIs to admin back-ends). The framework is PSR-0 / PSR-4 compliant, so you can use it in conjunction with any other library or full stack framework.

mithril-hx - Haxe externs for Mithril (JS MVC framework)

  •    Haxe

Mithril is a small, yet great javascript MVC framework that is faster and more flexible than most others. Here's the Haxe version for Mithril 1.0+, with some useful extra features thanks to macros and the type inference. Standard procedure: haxelib install mithril and then -lib mithril in your .hxml file.

halfmoon - a tiny mvc framework for php using php-activerecord

  •    PHP

halfmoon, combined with php-activerecord, is a tiny MVC framework for PHP 5.3 that tries to use the conventions of Ruby on Rails 2.3 wherever possible and reasonable. It has a similar directory structure to a Rails project, with the root level containing models, views, controllers, and helpers directories. It supports a concept of environments like Rails, defaulting to a development environment which logs things to Apache's error log and displays errors in the browser.

appier - Joyful Python Web App development

  •    Python

Appier is an object-oriented Python web framework built for super fast app development. It's as lightweight as possible, but not too lightweight. It gives you the power of bigger frameworks, without their complexity. Your "Hello World" app is now running at http://localhost:8080.

bottle-mvc - python boilerplate application following MVC pattern using bottle micro framework

  •    Python

python boilerplate application following MVC pattern using bottle micro framework

slim-mvc - Lightweight (M)VC structure for Slim applications.

  •    PHP

Slim is one of the best PHP Frameworks(IMHO), but sometimes is annoying for people who like to write webapps in MVC strucuture to adapt to Slim structure, then if you're bored of using Slim application structure , you should consider give a try to this project. The aim of this project is provide a very basic MVC structure to organize your Slim apps.

language_cards - Command line flash card game for learning languages

  •    Ruby

Also if your interested in adding other flash cards for language learning, pull requests are welcome. Please keep some sort of organized collection for sets of cards (for instance the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test has different levels to complete, N1 through N5, which would each count as a collection). Internationalization support is built in! Translators are welcome to make this game available in other languages.

PHP-MVC-Blog-System - :fire: Simple PHP blog system application based on the MVC pattern and written in PHP 5

  •    PHP

This PHP Blog System has an MVC pattern, uses Traits (PHP 5.4), Namespace (PHP 5.3), Singleton pattern, PDO (PHP 5.1) and the new PHP Password Hashing feature (PHP 5.5). The project was a PHP Challenge Project I have done.