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  •    Javascript

This plugin is currently being rewritten. If you are looking for the old version, look at the 1.1.1 tag. Live Query has been rewritten in version 2 to utilize DOM Mutation Observers or fallback to DOM Mutation Events. This covers a nice range of modern browsers and IE9 up. If you need to support less than IE9 then it will fallback to using behaviors to be notified of added and removed elements. This requires setting the $.livequery.htcPath so that it can load the included behavior file.

inline.js - :tophat: Fashion-Live CSS Helpers with Javascript

  •    Javascript

To contribute to the project you can simply fork this repo, then do a pull request.For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, inline.js is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines.

onmount - Safe, reliable, idempotent and testable behaviors for DOM nodes

  •    Javascript

Run something when a DOM element appears and when it exits. No dependencies. Legacy IE compatible. 1kb .min.gz.Run something to initialize an element on its first appearance.

wait-for-element.js - This library provide a function which wait until an element is visible.

  •    Javascript

This library provide a function which wait until an element is visible. if you use it with non promise support browser, should load Promise polyfill like ES6-Promise.

normas - Normal Lightweight Javascript Framework for server-side render compatible with Turbolinks

  •    Javascript

At the moment, the project is in the stage of active development and will be ready for production in early 2018. Now you can clone this repo and try example with Rails. Feel free to start watching and ⭐ project in order not miss the release or updates.

gremlins - dead simple web components

  •    Javascript

GREMLIN.JS is a highly modularized library to build web components. These components are not as fancy as libraries like Polymer, but they're great to build reusable javascript components for boringly normal websites, where your HTML is rendered on the server. Throw in some bundled js, add the corresponding tags to your HTML, and you're good to go. All examples in this documentation use the ES2015/ES6 syntax. Use a compiler like Babel to compile them into ES5 compatible Javascript.

ember-cli-Mutation-Observer - :alien: The easiest way to subscribe to Dom changes in your ember components

  •    Javascript

Ember Cli Mutation Observer works in Ember 1.13.9+ or 2.0+, including beta and canary, with no deprecations whatsoever.

jquery-mutation-summary - A jQuery wrapper/plugin for mutation-summary, the DOM mutation-observers wrapper

  •    Javascript

A jQuery wrapper/plugin for mutation-summary, the DOM mutation-observers wrapper. It adds easy, chainable .mutationSummary() calls to your jQuery objects. Mutation Summary is a JavaScript library that makes observing changes to the DOM fast, easy and safe.

antares-front-end - :computer: Anatres Project Front-end Implementation

  •    HTML

Open Source Laravel User Management Platform for standalone and SaaS applications. Based on Laravel, PHP7 ready, using flexible design patterns that keep the code clean and elegant.Speed up your work even up to 50% by using built-in workflow improvements. You can preview front-end demo here: http://demo.antaresproject.io/frontend/.

selector-observer - Observe newly added and removed DOM nodes matching a given selector

  •    Javascript

Observe newly added and removed DOM nodes matching a given selector. This is especially useful for applying specific calls, e.g. Plugin calls, to further added DOM nodes. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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