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GRMustache.swift - Flexible Mustache templates for Swift

  •    Swift

Follow @groue on Twitter for release announcements and usage tips. GRMustache extends the genuine Mustache language with built-in goodies and extensibility hooks that let you avoid the strict minimalism of Mustache when you need it.

hxmustache - Minimal templating with {{mustaches}} in Haxe http://mustache.github.com/

  •    Haxe

This is a Haxe implementation of logic-less mustache templating. Originally ported from mustache.js.

thaum - Thaum is a simple boilerplate and scaffolding command line utility.

  •    Go

to install the binary into your path. Note: It is much easier to run that long and scary command than to install go. Seriously, if you don't have go, just copy paste that bad boy into your terminal.

api2html - Using the data from your API, generate the HTML on the fly! Server-side rendering of the mustache templates

  •    Go

API2HTML is a web server that renders Mustache templates and injects them your API data. This allows you to build websites by just declaring the API sources and writing the template view.

ApacheExpress - Reliable Server Side Swift ✭ Make Apache great again!

  •    Swift

mod_swift is a technology demo which shows how to write native modules for the Apache Web Server in the Swift 3 programming language. The demo includes a C module to load Swift modules, a basic demo module, the ApacheExpress framework which provides an Express like API for mod_swift, a demo for ApacheExpress, a Todo MVC backend (w/ CalDAV support!), and a few supporting libraries (such as Freddy or Noze.io Mustache). This is a little different to something like mod_php which enables Apache to directly interpret PHP scripts. mod_php itself is C software and a single module. Since Swift compiles down to regular executable binaries, and because Swift has excellent C integration, you can write arbitrary modules with mod_swift which behave just like the regular C modules.

mustache-cli - Command line interface to mustache template engine in Go.

  •    Go

Command line interface to mustache template engine in Go. Basically a simple CLI wrapper for cbroglie/mustache. Works with YAML and JSON. Data can be piped in via stdin or passed in as a file name via an option. See examples directory for a more in depth example of using JSON, YAML, and stdin.