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react-cassette-player - Simple ReactJS HTML5 audio player component built with SVG icons from The Noun Project

  •    Javascript

All props can be referenced in the demo source. Don't hesitate to ask questions. SVG icons used by react-cassette-player are licensed Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0) and must be purchased by the Noun Project. Otherwise, you must add the following attribution to your project.

vue-music - 基于vue2.0+vue-router+vuex构建的一个仿造网易云音乐的单页应用(移动端)

  •    Vue

目前主要完成音乐播放和视频的播放, 搜索功能正在开发中. 本项目正在不断更新中, 后续将添加更多的功能, 敬请期待.