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downshift - 🏎 Primitives to build simple, flexible, WAI-ARIA compliant enhanced input React components

  •    Javascript

You need an autocomplete/dropdown/select experience in your application and you want it to be accessible. You also want it to be simple and flexible to account for your use cases.This is a component that controls user interactions and state for you so you can create autocomplete/dropdown/select/etc. components. It uses a render function as children which gives you maximum flexibility with a minimal API because you are responsible for the rendering of everything and you simply apply props to what you're rendering.

frideos_examples - A collection of examples on how to use the frideos flutter package.

  •    Dart

3 - Various: how to use TimerObject, AnimatedObject, blur widgets, transitions widgets, StagedWidget, sliders. 7 - Dynamic fields validation: an example on how to validate dynamically created fields with the BLoC pattern and the frideos package. Article on medium here.

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