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Git-Credential-Manager-for-Windows - Secure Git credential storage for Windows with support for Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub, and Bitbucket multi-factor authentication

  •    CSharp

The Git Credential Manager for Windows (GCM) provides secure Git credential storage for Windows. It's the successor to the Windows Credential Store for Git (git-credential-winstore), which is no longer maintained. Compared to Git's built-in credential storage for Windows (wincred), which provides single-factor authentication support working on any HTTP enabled Git repository, GCM provides multi-factor authentication support for Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server, GitHub, and Bitbucket.This is a community project so feel free to contribute ideas, submit bugs, fix bugs, or code new features. For detailed information on how the GCM works go to the wiki.

Univention Corporate Server - Easy administration of your IT infrastructure

  •    C

Univention Corporate Server is a preconfigured, 100% open source Linux server and IT management system. It is free of charge and perfect for providing Microsoft Server-like services on the cloud or on the premises, to run and operate corporate IT environments with Windows- and Linux-based clients and to extend those environments with proven enterprise software, also either on the cloud or on the premises.

aws-mfa - Manage AWS MFA Security Credentials

  •    Python

aws-mfa makes it easy to manage your AWS SDK Security Credentials when Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enforced on your AWS account. It automates the process of obtaining temporary credentials from the AWS Security Token Service and updating your AWS Credentials file (located at ~/.aws/credentials). Traditional methods of managing MFA-based credentials requires users to write their own bespoke scripts/wrappers to fetch temporary credentials from STS and often times manually update their AWS credentials file. short-term - A temporary set of credentials that are generated by AWS STS using your long-term credentials in combination with your MFA device serial number (either a hardware device serial number or virtual device ARN) and one time token code. Your short term credentials are the credentials that are actively utilized by the AWS SDK in use.

one-time - One Time Password (TOTP and HOTP) library for Clojure

  •    Clojure

A Clojure library for generating one time passwords (HOTP & TOTP) as per RFC 4226 and RFC 6238. One time passwords are used by a lot of websites for multi factor / two factor authentication. You can find a list of such websites here. One-Time is a feature complete and fairly stable library, given the small surface area of it's intent. Bugfixes and dependency updates will be made as required.

SimpleTOTP - A highly configurable yet simple to use TOTP based two-factor authentication processing module for SimpleSAMLphp

  •    PHP

SimpleTOTP is a SimpleSAMLphp auth processing filter that enables the use of the Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm (TOTP) as a second-factor authentication mechanism on either an Identity Provider or Service Provider (...or both!). This has been tested with Google Authenticator on iOS and Android.

mfaws - :lock: AWS multi-factor authentication for the CLI

  •    Go

Download the appropriate binary from the releases page, chmod +x, and drop it into your PATH. Note: Make sure your hardware clock is correct! Especially if dual booting. If your time is out of sync, your MFA attempts will fail and the codes oathtool generates will be wrong (if you use it).

meteor-mfa - Multi Factor Authentication and Passwordless for Meteor (with U2F support)

  •    Javascript

Multi-Factor Authentication and Passwordless for Meteor, supporting U2F hardware keys as well as OTPs. This package was created to add support for U2F aka hardware keys. Hardware keys are widely regarded as the strongest form of multi factor authentication. They require the user plugs a physical key into their device in order to login to a website. This also includes built in anti-phishing security, if a key is used to authenticate on the wrong domain (go0gle.com instead of google.com), the signature it produces will be invalid to the intended domain. This means, barring a compromised device/browser, its very difficult for phishers to attack users who use U2F keys.

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