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MadelineProto - PHP client/server for the telegram MTProto protocol

  •    PHP

This library can be used to easily interact with Telegram without the bot API, just like the official apps. It can login with a phone number (MTProto API), or with a bot token (MTProto API, no bot API involved!).

telegram-mtproto - Telegram client api (MTProto) library

  •    Javascript

MTProto is the Telegram Messenger protocol "designed for access to a server API from applications running on mobile devices". High-level component (API query language): defines the method whereby API queries and responses are converted to binary messages.

mtg - Bullshit-free MTPROTO proxy for Telegram

  •    Go

Almost all of them follow the way how official proxy was build. This includes support of multiple secrets, support of promoted channels etc. Basically, to run this tool you need to configure as less as possible.

mtproto - Telegram MTProto and its proxy (over gRPC) in Go (golang). API Layer: 71

  •    Go

You can find the real code at simpleshell. cjongseok/mtproto implements TL-schema functions in Protocol Buffer. These are declared in types.tl.proto as RPCs, and implemented in Go at procs.tl.go. With the same interface, you can call functions not only in direct connection to the Telegram server, but also over a mtproto proxy.

mtproto - MTProto implementation in Golang

  •    Go

MTProto implementation in Golang with example tool. Example tool saves the authkey and other data in ~/.telegram_go. If you delete/lost this file, you will need to auth again.

mtproto - Golang MTProto implementation. Current API layer is 65

  •    Go

Golang MTProto implementation. Current API layer is 65

telegramgo - CLI telegram client written in golang

  •    Go

Command-line interface for Telegram. Uses readline interface. В отличии от API для создания ботов, Telegram API для мессенджеров почти не имеет актуальных библиотек. Как на других языках, так и на Go.

mtproxy - Alpine-based Docker Image for Telegram MTProto Proxy

  •    Shell

The Telegram Messenger MTProto proxy is a zero-configuration container that automatically sets up a proxy server that speaks Telegram's native MTProto. The secret will persist across container upgrades in a volume. It is a mandatory configuration parameter: if not provided, it will be generated automatically at container start. You may forward any other port to the container's 443: be sure to fix the automatic configuration links if you do so.

docker-compose-mtproxy - docker-compose file for telegram mtproto proxy autoupdate


With docker-compose file you can easy install telegram mtproto proxy and configure it. Also build in watchdog check for update telegram-proxy server and if new version come - update it and restart without any action from you.

mtproto - MTProto Implementation in Go

  •    Go

MTProto implementation in Golang with example tool. This library is in alpha phase and function are subjected to change.

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